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Madrid, December 5, 2022.-

In Spain we are used to having blinds, we cannot be without them. They help us regulate the entry of natural light, provide privacy to our home and contribute to some energy savings by being a good help to keep the house warm or cold. Therefore, if we find ourselves with a broken blind, it is common for us to try to find an urgent solution. Fixing a blind in Madrid is possible if you know who to put yourself in.

What to do with a broken blind

We are accustomed to the fact that, with use, there are certain annoyances derived from a broken blind: the tape is tangled, the slats are crooked, it does not go up or down, it gets stuck or the motor makes a strange noise, in the case of electric blinds.

Everything has a solution. But first, let’s review, one by one, the most common faults suffered by blinds, be they manual (roller) or electric, to find out how to solve them:

The seven most common breakdowns suffered by blinds:

Surely, the problem is that the belt winding pulley on the shaft has broken and, therefore, the belt is winding but badly. A knot is made or it fits anywhere and therefore does not let the blind roll. Change the pulley with the bearing and that’s it.

When the problem that arises is that you have to change the tape of a blind that is broken, the solution is very easy. In fact, it is very common for this to happen with use and many users dare to do it themselves. To find out how much tape you have to buy, a trick: measure the distance from the upper support to the box and multiply that measurement by three.

It is usually because it has caught when the tape is bent or because a slat has come out or broken and it must be changed or aligned. Perhaps it is that the spring or the straps have deteriorated or the stops are broken. Of all this there is replacement; a blind fixes it quickly.

It is usually a problem with the switch or remote control. It may also be that the light has gone out, there has been a short circuit inside the switch or it has taken a hit that has broken the mechanism.

You notice it because it makes noise, gets stuck or, directly, neither goes up nor goes down. If there is a fault in the motor of the electric shutter, it may be because it has burned due to an electrical overload or someone has forced it when it was stuck.

If the problem is with the shaft, which seems to be slipping, it may be because the screw that holds the motor to the roller has fallen or is loose. Having said all this, the most common fault in the motor of an electric shutter is that it goes down but does not go up and that is because the capacitor has burned out. Something that can only be solved by turning to an expert who knows how to fix a blind in Madrid.

The tapes that join the blind and the axis can come off. That’s why the blind twists and gets stuck. It is as easy as repositioning or changing them, if they have broken (they can break if, once twisted, they are forced down).

It is because the limit switch of the blind, which is what tells the blind that it has come down, has been miscalibrated or, with use, has become out of calibration. To fix it you have to access the engine, so better call an expert.

Tips to fix a broken blind

The fault can occur in a manual blind or an electric one and they are very different circumstances in order to find someone to repair it.

An electric blind consists of some elements (articulated slats, roller-shaft where the slats are rolled, motor that moves this axis and, of course, electrical system that makes it move) and, therefore, the most common breakdowns of blinds Electrical may be in any of these parts.

When you have to fix a broken blind and it is electric, it is important to know that there are some repairs that may be in our power, but not all. For example, if it is a problem with the switch, an electrician will change it for you or, if the remote does not work, it can be as simple as checking the batteries or changing the remote (or take it to be repaired).

Now, if it is the motor that fails because the blind makes noises or goes down but does not go up, or does not go down all the way, or the slats have become crooked, it is best to go to an expert. Do not try to disassemble the motor; You need to find someone to fix your blinds in Madrid.

As for the manual blinds, it is possible that the axis comes off, that the straps get twisted and the slats get caught, that it is necessary to change the band of the broken blind or the problem is in the funnel of the broken blind… In In general, they are simple arrangements but it is convenient to put it in specialized hands.

Ask our experts for information and they will advise you. Contact us and ask about the blind repair service in Madrid.