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The ways of offering and selling products have changed over time. Today, more and more brands are focusing their sales on interpreting and understanding customer needs in order to respond to them, making them see how products or services can respond to their problems. This approach is called value-based selling. Next, Alexander Rojas Elmudesi, marketing specialist tells everything there is to know about it

Dominican Republic, 11/30/2022.- Value-based selling, according to Alexander Rojas Elmudesi

Alexander Rojas Elmudesi explains that value-based selling, also known as value selling, consists of transmitting to customers that the price they are paying for their products and services is less than the value of their need or problem. For this reason, what is sought with this form is to ensure that the client can effectively see how their day-to-day life is going to improve in the event that they decide to opt for the purchase of that product or service and that they can visualize themselves enjoying it and seeing certain problems solved thanks to said acquisition.

Bearing this in mind, value-based selling must close sales by always putting customer needs first. To achieve this, it is essential to do prior work that consists of identifying and knowing the problems or needs of customers in order to also recognize how the brand and its products can solve them.

To achieve this, it is necessary, on the one hand, to listen to customers to identify their demands and design products and services that can satisfy that need. In addition, it will be necessary to identify what the competition is doing, in order to know which products have not been launched yet but could respond to a need.

Remove focus from sell search

Although it may seem like a contradiction, explains Alexander Rojas Elmudesi, in order to use value-based selling, it is essential to remove the focus from the permanent search to sell in order to focus on teaching. That is, in providing information that is relevant to the client. In this way, the focus is being placed on offering a solution and not simply on selling a product, which generates better results for users.

In addition, Alexander Rojas Elmudesi says that it is important to accompany people in each of the phases of the purchase process, creating an environment of trust where the user can know, at all times, how their problem or need is going to be resolved. and that you can know that the information that is being provided is sincere.

Why bet on value-based selling?

In an increasingly competitive context where there are many companies offering themselves to customers, making a difference is essential in order to grow and achieve business objectives. According to Alexander Rojas Elmudesi, both the brands that have implemented this sales model and the customers have achieved a closer relationship with each other, based on trust. This, for its part, helps to generate lasting relationships, where the customer chooses the brand again in the future, placing it as a reference for the resolution of certain needs, achieving greater loyalty.

Finally, Alexander Rojas Elmudesi explains that another of the benefits that can be obtained from the application of value-based selling is to achieve a deep understanding of the operation of a company and the characteristics of the products or services it offers. This helps to provide the work team that makes up the company with greater knowledge and also greater confidence when it comes to carrying out the sales process and thinking and designing new strategies.


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