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BAODING, China, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On November 23, at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio, GWM launched its brand and world premiere of its HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD. GWM Brazil will offer cleaner and smarter solutions, as a pioneer in NEV in the fast-growing Latin American market.

Under the banner of “Tomorrow is ON”, GWM presented its brand vision, smart electric technology and business plan to hundreds of media and investors at the event.

GWM’s world first HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD comes from its Iracemápolis plant, which completed the technological upgrade earlier this year from the Daimler Group. HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD also uses a refreshed HAVAL logo, showcasing its latest EV technology and image. GWM’s R&D team has specially designed and tuned the model based on local road conditions, users’ travel habits and modern charging network. The model boasts a class-leading long range of 170 km, maximum torque of 762 Nm and maximum power of 289 kW, thanks to DHT technology independently developed by GWM under L.E.M.O.N. platform (acronym for Light Electrification, Multipurpose, Omniprotection and Networks).

“The long range of HAVAL H6 PHEV is very outstanding, which frees us from frequent charging. During the test drive, the model can accelerate quickly with strong power. It also features APP-based remote operation and voice commands. These experiences are innovative and excellent”, highlighted a local media journalist after the test drive.

HAVAL H6 PHEV 4WD is expected to start delivery in Brazil in the first quarter of next year, followed by more electrified models. Brazil will be a milestone and a regional hub for GWM, further expanding its network of new energy vehicles in other Latin American markets.

Earlier this year, GWM officially took over Daimler’s former Iracemápolis plant and announced that it would carry out its intelligent and digital transformation. In July this year, when Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão visited the plant, he recognized GWM’s leading technology in the fields of intelligence and new energy.

“GWM will offer new energy vehicles to users with innovative products and new technologies, providing them with clean and smart mobility experiences,” said Yang Weiqi, president of GWM Brazil, at the brand launch conference.

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Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “GWM”), founded in 1984, is an international multi-brand automobile manufacturing company. GWM has established R D centers and technology innovation centers in China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries and regions. He has 1,301 issued patents and 914 licensed patents in the field of NEVs. Following the launch of its 2025 strategy, GWM will continue to build a win-win “forest” industrial ecology with partners upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and invest in R&D to create greener, smarter and safer products for global users. .

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