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According to research by the real estate portal, Spanish society values ​​the benefits of this type of housing and shows special interest in its low price and reduced environmental impact. Only in the Balearic Islands are they conceived as a luxury good

Madrid, January 18, 2024.- Fotocasa has carried out the study Tiny house: perception and situation in Spain to understand its space within the market, its relevance in the country and its margin for growth. The objective is to analyze the opinion of Spaniards about this phenomenon. In an analysis with more than 5,000 mentions, the good impression of prefabricated houses stands out, mainly due to their sustainable aspect. Energy efficiency and the use of ecological materials make tiny houses a genuine alternative and an opportunity for construction companies, benefiting from their low production costs. Meanwhile, 20% show reluctance due to the lack of information, concerns about safety in the face of natural disasters, its location on the outskirts and legal issues. Society trusts in tiny houses. 80% of users who have given a positive opinion base their criteria on aspects related to affordable price, manufacturing with sustainable materials, Quality of facilities and modern design. Unlike conventional homes, owners of a tiny house enjoy the advantage of receiving the keys to their new home in a short period of time, further improving the perception of buyers. Spaniards want affordable prefabricated houses Searches in Google are a mirror of the desires of the population. In this case, the results demonstrate the sensitivity of the Spanish towards price. An analysis of searches for prefabricated houses by city reveals that the keyword “cheap prefabricated house” predominates over any other term. For example, in Madrid and Barcelona these queries reach an average of 5,000 monthly searches, in Gijón up to 1,000 and in cities of the likes of Bilbao, Málaga and Murcia amount to 500 searches per month. Google results indicate that there is a significant interest in savings when purchasing this type of housing, due, in part, to the high prices that conventional housing shows both for sale and for rent. Tiny houses are cheaper except in one corner of Spain Although consumers associate prefabricated homes with sustainability, especially affordable prices, there is one notable exception in Spain: the Balearic Islands. Unlike other peninsular territories, the concept of “Tiny Houses” on the Islands is different. On the one hand, it maintains its sustainable character, the quality of its materials and aesthetics, and, on the other hand, these homes acquire a luxury dimension due to their higher prices. This phenomenon is explained by the strong presence of foreign buyers, who represent 41.3% of the total. 17% of prefabricated houses are sold in Catalonia. Catalonia leads the supply in the construction of tiny houses and also in demand, with 13% of requests compared to the rest of the country. Madrid and the Valencian Community lag behind in both categories, since the strategic position of Catalonia, with the Mediterranean coast and the metropolis of Barcelona, ​​makes it a favorable terrain for the rise of tiny houses. Issuer: Fotocasa

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