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Santiago de Compostela, January 16, 2024

In recent years, many companies have shown a strong commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment by adopting different responsible business practices. An example of this is that of Adolfo Domínguez, a renowned textile fashion manufacturer in the area of ​​Orense, Galicia, who has implemented an important solar installation on the roof of his industrial warehouse. To carry out this project, the businessman has chosen high-end solar panels from the Italian firm FuturaSun, with a renovation carried out by the Galician installation company ICEXGA and the materials supplied by the Galician distribution company SunFields.

The solar installation project carried out in the Adolfo Domínguez textile industrial warehouse consists of a 140 kilowatt photovoltaic self-consumption system without batteries and consists of 250 units of high-end solar panels, manufactured by one of the most reputable solar panel brands. in Europe such as FuturaSun, which were fixed on a flat structure on the sloped roof of the property.

In this way, this company located in Orense has taken an important step towards sustainability, with a work that, due to its ecological approach and its large scale, represents not only a considerable investment in renewable energy, but also a testimony of the commitment of its owner with responsible practices, environmental respect and the sustainable future of the fashion industry.

In turn, this solar installation will allow the company to reduce the carbon footprint derived from its activity, in addition to serving as an inspiration for many other firms in the sector to align with global trends that are moving towards greener work, taking concrete measures. and significant to demonstrate that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The installation of solar panels in a company brings a series of significant advantages that not only positively impact the environment, but also generate economic and operational benefits. Firstly, the adoption of solar energy reduces dependence on conventional energy sources and reduces the company’s carbon footprint, thus contributing to environmental sustainability and meeting increasingly demanding standards in terms of corporate social responsibility.

From an economic point of view, solar energy generation will allow Adolfo Domínguez to save considerably on electricity costs over time, making it more competitive. Furthermore, the energy independence provided by solar panels also ensures greater stability in energy costs, reducing vulnerability to market fluctuations.

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