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Alcoy November 22, 2023 The AITEX Research and Innovation Center has taken a step forward in sustainable cosmetics with the I D INNATUR project. This project, supported by the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work of the Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE (IMAMCA/2022/6), is based on the extraction and stabilization of natural ingredients for use in cosmetic formulations .

In a cosmetic market in constant evolution and growth, the AITEX project stands out for its focus on sustainability and innovation. With consumers increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the products they use, INNATUR responds to this demand with a series of significant advances.

The project has focused on optimizing ‘green’ extraction processes to obtain active ingredients for cosmetic formulations. This initiative seeks not only efficiency but also the minimization of environmental impact, using upcycled resources from the agri-food industry, and thus addressing a circular economy approach.

The results have been notable, with the development of extracts with high antioxidant efficiency, obtained from plant species and waste, and their subsequent stabilization using advanced technologies such as the Spray Dryer. This process has allowed the properties of the active ingredients to be preserved to the maximum.

In addition, final cosmetic products have been developed that demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of these advances. These include a waterless shampoo with pomegranate and watermelon peel extract, a body scrub with coconut particles, an eye contour with pomegranate peel extract, and a serum with orange extract.


INNATUR has not only focused on the sustainable extraction of natural ingredients, but also on the practical application of these extracts in the development of innovative cosmetic products. Technical aspects of this process are detailed below:

Selection of Ingredients and Extraction: A careful process of selection of raw materials has been carried out, prioritizing those that come from waste from the agri-food industry. The extraction technique used is key, since ‘green’ methods have been chosen that reduce the use of solvents and energy, and maximize extraction efficiency. This has been crucial to obtain pure extracts highly concentrated in active ingredients.

Stabilization and Formulation: One of the challenges in natural cosmetics is the stability of the ingredients. At INNATUR, advanced techniques such as freeze-drying and the use of encapsulation have been used to improve the stability and effectiveness of the active ingredients. This has been essential to ensure that the final products maintain their effectiveness throughout their life cycle.

Development of Prototypes of Cosmetic Products: Using the obtained and stabilized extracts, AITEX has developed a range of cosmetic products:

Efficacy and Safety Testing: All products developed have undergone rigorous efficacy and safety testing, which ensures that the products not only meet expectations in terms of performance, but are also safe for consumer use.

AITEX’s INNATUR project, financed and supported by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work of the Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE, represents a great advance in the cosmetics sector. With a holistic approach that covers from the extraction of ingredients to the development of the final product, INNATUR sets a new standard in the cosmetics industry in terms of innovation and respect for the environment.

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