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Madrid, December 22, 2023.

With a hyperpop style, this song contains a surprise for the most nostalgic, referring to the chorus of Sin Miedo a Nada, one of Álex Ubago’s most emblematic songs. The Galician artist, who has more than 1.3 million followers on his social networks, will soon release a compilation EP of his best singles and several unreleased songs.

LODE, Spanish singer, dancer and composer, presents his new single, ‘Las Ganas’, a hyperpop style song that will excite the most nostalgic, as it refers to the chorus of ‘Sin Miedo a Nada’, one of the most emblematic of Álex Ubago, with a totally different style. Adrián López Lodeiro, better known as LODE, is a 30-year-old young man from Galicia who has spent his entire life dedicating himself to the world of dance and music. At just 5 years old, the artist began to be part of a traditional Galician dance group, something that forever marked his relationship with the world of entertainment. In 2017, he took an important step by opening his own dance academy called ‘All Dance Studio’. This was a significant milestone in his career as it allowed him to share his passion for dance with others. His path led him to participate in the musical program La Voz, where he was part of Juanes’ team. Although LODE began playing the guitar self-taught and composing his own songs at the age of 16, it was not until 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, when she decides to take a step further and releases her first single, Múltiple, working alongside Nuria Azzouzi and Juan Ewan, renowned composers in the country’s musical scene. A few weeks ago, with a total of eight singles on the market, LODE presented his ninth song, ‘Las Ganas’, a song that has the support of Álex Ubago and will make whoever listens to it dance endlessly this winter. This song, which came out last October and is available on all platforms digital videos, as well as its video clip, is a criticism and reflection on love relationships in the era of social networks where, many times, these begin in them, based on a physical attraction without even knowing the other person well. Furthermore, LODE refers to how, currently, and due to the constant consumption of networks, there is a lack of intimacy and commitment, in addition to an absolute tendency to share private lives seeking, in many cases, validation and external attention. .LODE, which has more than 1.3 million followers between its Instagram and TikTok profiles, has a musical style that is characterized by urban pop, playing, at the same time, with countless genres. With this song, the Galician artist intends to launch the next release of a compilation EP of his best singles, including other unreleased ones. On the other hand, one of LODE’s short-term objectives is to also take its project to the stage and live, to be able to carry out a staging full of dancing, partying and good vibes, something that, without a doubt, characterizes this artist who promises to become a great promise on the Spanish musical scene.”Las Ganas is a song that seeks to connect us through the universality of our emotions, reminding us that all of us, at some point, have intensely desired someone and have been willing to fight Therefore, I hope that through such a well-known chorus, both nostalgic and new listeners will feel identified,” says LODE. Without a doubt, the life of this artist is a testimony of his dedication and passion for the performing arts, from his first steps. in traditional dance to his foray into music and his commitment to teaching dance through his own academy. His story is an example of how passion and determination can open doors in the artistic world.

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