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ISTANBUL, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Erkan Kork, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BankPozitif, commented on the achievements of 2023 and expectations for 2024. Kork stated that 2023 was a dynamic year for Turkey and despite negative developments both nationally and globally, the Turkish banking sector continued to support the real sector, financing production and exports.

“The Turkish banking sector has a solid structure”

Emphasizing the new era ushered in after the earthquake disaster at the beginning of the year and the prolonged electoral process, Erkan Kork said: “While the beginning of the Turkish century is marked after the elections, the Turkish banking sector has become an important pillar of stability for the Turkish economy with its solid and reliable structure. We are talking about a sector in very good conditions in terms of asset quality, capital structure and liquidity adequacy. I think we will clearly see the impact of the measures adopted in 2024 In the new period, with the slowing inflation rate, increasing demand for TL assets and significant improvements in leading indicators, I expect confidence in the economy to increase further and recent capital inflows to be speed up.”

“There could be important capital flows from Europe”

Kork foresees an increase in European capital inflows to Turkey by 2024, following President Erdo─čan’s visits to the Middle East. He predicts that European investments in Turkey will grow, especially through mergers and acquisitions.

“Continuous support for the real sector in 2024”

Erkan Kork highlights the growth of the Turkish banking sector, with assets reaching 21.8 trillion Turkish liras. BankPozitif, which is a top performer in the sector, plans to continue its strong support to the real sector, contributing significantly to Turkey’s economic growth in 2024.

“We will continue to improve our services with innovative technologies”

Erkan Kork, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BankPozitif, highlighted that the majority of banking transactions are now carried out through digital channels: “Banks, which previously competed to open branches, are now calculating how to reduce them. Since our creation, we have preferred to be a new generation bank that minimizes traditional channels, saving our customers the hassle of visiting a bank branch in the middle of their busy lives. In 2024, we will continue to develop our services with innovative technologies, elevating customer experience to the highest level with intelligent and exclusive content.”

About Bankpozitif

Bankpozitif, operating in the field of digital banking, is a financial institution based in Turkey that allows individuals and companies to carry out their financial transactions quickly and efficiently through a single digital platform. The bank offers digital investment banking with customized financial solutions and innovative technologies for its clients!

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