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Madrid, December 20, 2023.- When people discover how to achieve their maximum potential, they can fulfill their dreams. Under this premise, the Spanish coach Inma Martín has developed her LUZ Coach method, for those seeking to improve their self-knowledge. With it, it helps to understand one’s own emotions and capabilities before making decisions.

Author of the book When you make the impossible possible, businesswoman and certified by the ICF, Inma Martín explains how to find inner guidance towards goals.

How was the LUZ Coach method born?

I have been helping my clients make good decisions for 16 years, and I created my method without realizing it. I followed my own map in the coaching processes, adapted to each person to achieve results in a short time, because the majority called from an emergency, with a lot of stress.

Before, it was frowned upon to talk about emotions, it was seen as a sign of weakness. One good thing about the pandemic is that we have been able to introduce them into our lives and normalize them.

In my coaching processes, it is easier for me to invest time first in balancing the person emotionally, because everything flows easier that way. Almost out of personal selfishness, not just for the client, I learned to work on their emotions first without it being noticed, and then move forward better.

Then they went like rockets and I was surprised by their changes between sessions. And I observed how, from our safe and trusted space, they were able to achieve the impossible.

The LUZ Coach method is based on these successful experiences. When writing my book, thanks to my prologue writer, I became aware that I was using my own method. In fact, out of respect for my clients and their efforts, I could not publish a book that was not a best seller. So it was. Grateful to each and every one of my clients for working on their experiences with me.

What elements make LUZ Coach a different method?

The LUZ Coach method is holistic. Work on being, not just action, to achieve the right attitude when acting. The basis of the method is inner balance; No matter what happens outside, my client remains serene, achieving or redefining goals.

In the world of personal development there are numerous techniques, but no logical map to apply them without the need for a mentor. A good coach does not make you dependent on him, but independent. Having a map in your hand gives a lot of security so as not to be scared of what lies ahead; It gives a lot of peace of mind and helps you plan the route. That is the goal of the LUZ method, to feel safe, trust yourself, know where you are and plan well the trip of your life.

The LUZ Coach method offers a new structure with a clear order, which leads to a fluid and easier process. I represent the structure with a journey inside the pyramid divided into 4 steps. I have observed that despite the diversity of my clients, they all experience the same journey.

The first step is the emotional world, about which, at most, we are taught to hide. This is bad, because what does not heal gets worse, and the consequences of the unconscious arise.

The fourth step (also not included in normal coaching) is the 3 states of success, described at the end of the book. They are focused on mentors, although, today, leaders must enter this field to achieve high-performance teams.

Once you integrate the 4 steps, you achieve emotional autonomy, balance and freedom. Because true freedom is not given outside, but is achieved within. The objective of the book is to exalt the essence of each person and achieve emotional autonomy and freedom thanks to inner balance.

Why is emotional intelligence important for people to discover new capabilities?

Imagine a father who has to scold his son for something. If that parent has just been fired, his punishment will likely be disproportionate. If, on the other hand, he has just won the lottery, he will be benevolent and come up short. This example is a stretch, but it shows my point.

The fact is the same, what varies is the emotional state, which influences decisions for better or worse. To make an appropriate decision, we must be in a neutral state, at peace, not depressed or euphoric.

We spend our lives making decisions and, to be right, it is not only about what happens outside, but also about what happens inside.

When you live from emotional stability, you are more likely to make appropriate decisions, that motivates you, and in daring you discover skills that you didn’t know about. You give yourself permission to make mistakes and to continue, because you trust yourself.

What professional profiles would you say your strategy is oriented towards?

To all, because, as I said before, the method is holistic and focuses on being, and then doing. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Furthermore, it is ideal for children and we are teaching it to teachers in schools, who are very aware today.

According to LUZ Coach, the transformation of work teams begins with an individual change that makes each person the leader of their own life. How is this achieved?

The ideal moment is childhood, but you have to work from where each individual is.

The first requirement is to become aware of it. The second is wanting; It doesn’t make sense if someone doesn’t seek change. It is a challenge to coach people who are forced to do so.

And the third, become aware that it is a method to empower yourself through self-love. This means that you are going to look for your best version in all areas, to feel full and satisfied. And then, follow each step that I describe in the book.

How can you help a person know that their life is going in the right direction?

To know if you are going in the right direction there is an infallible indicator: the state of peace.

That is why it is important to introduce the first step of the LIGHT method as a habit, to become aware of emotions, because they give a lot of information. But since we have not been taught to accept them, much less manage them, we discard them as indicators of the right direction.

In my book I talk about inner balance. My motto: It is attitude, not aptitude, that takes you to altitude.

What is the importance of management positions seeking advice to create work teams that function well, even without their presence?

A good leader is capable of achieving stable and liquid teams that flow and adapt to their context. Companies are like the evolution of Darwin’s species, it is not the strongest that survives, but rather the one that best adapts, respecting its own values.

That is why they need equipment that is autonomous. With work teams it happens as with the relationships between parents and children. A controlling boss is like a smothering parent. And a dependent employee with excessive need for reinforcements is not taking responsibility for him.

Going back to balance, we need to cover hardskills and softskills. They are necessary like the 2 wheels of the bicycle. Technical capabilities (hardskills) are crucial, and if you add a good mindset, good harmony of effort, communication, collaboration and a sense of team and leadership (softskills) you already have a high-performance team that achieves great results for everyone.

The best leader is the one who cannot be seen, the one who has built a team that knows where it is and where it is going. The leader has other tasks, he cannot always be present, because then he cannot do the rest of his work. That is why he needs to form autonomous and creative teams that solve problems. It has been proven that a happy employee is much more effective than a bitter one, since he is much more open to connecting with different paths to achieve results.



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