On May 16, through the Picasso Defi project, the well-known art galleries Sofi Gallery and AAIE Gallery will bring one of their most representative exhibitions to Hong Kong.

This is the Magnifica exhibition, an exhibition curated by experts from these two galleries, whose interest is to highlight a much broader perspective of contemporary painting. Among the participating artists, Gabriel Lass stands out: an architectural designer and visual artist from Murcia, who is currently presenting his most recent work in Rome and for whom it is very gratifying that his paintings are part of one of the most important fairs in the world. world. Painting as a human experience.

On this occasion, the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong will serve as the venue for this painting exhibition that, in addition to sharing representative works by emerging and established artists from Europe, also seeks to publicize a reflection on current painting, directing its interest to recognition of plastic exploration, technical quality and the development of a transcendental concept. All this to build a much deeper look at the artists and problematize some of the fleeting trends that are prioritized in the market.

The selection of these works takes diversity and its possibility of generating new readings, counterpoints and different analyzes that expand the experience of the observer, with the aim of bringing them closer to the poetic meditation that occurs in painting from different places or forms. to operate. For Magnifica, art is an impulse that educates the gaze through captivation and charm, so its products could explore an intangible physicality and an unprecedented musicality that almost always leads to novelty and, consequently, a possibility of astonishment. .

Exploration of Gabriel Lass The purposes of this exhibition have allowed Gabriel Lass’s work to easily adapt to the interests of this exhibition and communicate organically with the other pieces that comprise it. Just as Magnifica seeks to understand the bridges between plastic exploration, technique and creative development with human experience, Lass is concerned with exploring his own instincts and impulses as an extension of his pictorial work. His experience as an architectural designer has allowed him to find in abstraction a space to explore his own places of calm.

Color, shape and texture take on enormous relevance within each piece, building an atmosphere that invites the viewer to taste each brushstroke and contemplate a work that transmits a specific emotional experience. At times, Lass hurts the canvas and generates uncomfortable tensions through strong contrasts and forceful actions, while at other times it presents a calm and serene atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the calm.

His look at form, color, texture and composition were enough for the work of this visual artist to visit Hong Kong, occupy a place in Magnifica and be part of one of the most important art fairs of contemporary plastic expression. . PUBLIC DATA: (Information sent by the signatory company).

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