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London, December 20, 2023.

The money will go towards the International Organization of Securities Identification Numbers’ forest conservation project, advancing its commitment to the largest rainforest management, conservation and restoration project of its kind.

Julio José Montenegro, CEO of BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB), announced the launch of a USD 2 billion Project Equity, backed by MAXIMANCE 2030 Ltd., a London-based investment firm focused on the circular economy and biotechnologies for the energy transition.BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB), backed by MAXIMANCE, stands out in meeting more than 90% of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which highlights its commitment to impact investments . This achievement not only reflects BGEB’s dedication to sustainable practices, but also its ambition for vertical integration and global market growth. As BGEB expands its international presence, it further strengthens its reputation and capacity in the sustainability sector. Aligned with the UN’s environmental conservation and sustainable energy requirements, BlueGrace Energy Bolivia is spearheading an extraordinary project to conserve 20.5 million acres of the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia. This project, the largest of its kind, reflects a strong commitment to protecting the Amazon rainforest and advancing clean energy solutions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Bond Tokenization SDGs and Natural Forest Capital Assets.Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to accurately quantify carbon credits, this initiative will contribute substantially to global climate goals.As demand for customized carbon offsets grows Around the world, individuals and stakeholders are increasingly aware of their role in combating climate change. The carbon credit market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2030. Nature-based credits are gaining prominence due to growing business demand and tightening regulations. The Bloomberg report highlights the importance of carbon credits in achieving net-zero emissions. The goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2030 requires $44 trillion in renewable energy investments. More than 6,323 entities are actively pursuing emissions reductions through the Science Targets Initiative. Major financial institutions such as Citi Group and JP Morgan are investing significantly in carbon credits, demonstrating the intersection of finance and environmental action. Beyond environmental goals, the partnerships BGEB has already forged with prominent stakeholders such as DevvStream, FICO and the Capital Markets Association (ICMA), a non-profit association based in Zurich with global offices in London, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong, aim to empower indigenous communities through a series of initiatives social. These initiatives are designed to improve their access to education, healthcare and infrastructure. This holistic approach combines environmental protection, clean energy transition and community empowerment. As a result, they are positioned as pioneers in environmental conservation and clean energy in Bolivia. These alliances underscore the association’s ongoing importance in its fight for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, and serve as a compelling example of what the collective action and innovation can achieve.https://youtu.be/MEgvoy80SyA?si=SMNzftSZAVquEIDZAbout BlueGrace Energy Bolivia: BlueGrace Energy Bolivia, a global consortium of energy experts, is committed to advancing the transition to a net zero future in response to the challenges of climate change. Its team is specialized in clean and renewable energies, and has decades of experience in pioneering energy transition projects of the 21st century. Drawing on professional experience and unwavering integrity, our goal is to create genuine value for business and society. More information at https://bluegracebolivia.com/.

Contact Contact name: Julio José Montenegro Contact description: Blue Grace Contact phone: 1 305 9728173