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ANTWERP, Belgium, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Belgian group Baunat redefines luxury with the launch of VALQUÈRE, a luxury jewelry brand with lab-grown diamonds, offering the same visual experience without compromise. Steven Boelens, CEO of the Baunat Group, explains: ‘it gives more people the opportunity to enjoy the mystical and extraordinary beauty of diamonds, without sacrificing quality, personalization or the desired diamond size.’ Discover a new kind of luxury with VALQUÈRE, where science meets art, tradition meets innovation and individuality meets timeless elegance and ultimate brilliance. Discover VALQUÈRE: www.valquere. com

A new kind of luxury

VALQUÈRE makes high-quality jewelry more accessible, combining European craftsmanship with scientific innovation to deliver maximum brilliance and timeless elegance. Stefaan Mouradian, CEO of the Baunat Group: “Both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds are excellent options for different reasons. Natural diamonds are the fruit of a rich history and offer lasting investment value, while laboratory-grown diamonds provide maximum brilliance and quality without breaking the budget. Ultimately, both options are indistinguishable in terms of brilliance, beauty and feel. A diamond is a diamond, and the choice is entirely personal.”

Exceptional craftsmanship

The core of VALQUÈRE is Belgian craftsmanship, which seamlessly integrates science and art to create jewelry full of character. True luxury is found in the meticulous details, with precision setting, impeccable metal work and great attention to detail, testament to the mastery of expert craftsmen. VALQUÈRE’s slogan, “Statement Made,” underscores its distinctive designs, which include large diamonds, fancy shapes and colored diamonds. Most VALQUÈRE jewelery is priced between fifteen hundred and four thousand euros, with some designs exceeding ten thousand.

noble materials

From day one, VALQUÈRE has prioritized high-quality materials, exclusively offering diamonds with the highest grades of cut, color and clarity. The brand collaborates with laboratories that strive to use as much renewable energy as possible, and each diamond is hand-selected by its experts directly from the source, resulting in extraordinary brilliance. Precious metals such as recycled 18K gold and 950 platinum ensure jewelry has the durability to maintain its beauty for a lifetime. These shared qualities provide a high level of brilliance and sophistication; Wearing VALQUÈRE jewelry serves as a bold testament to refinement and individuality.


VALQUÈRE is committed to providing extraordinary, bespoke experiences, offering 24/7 personal support and the opportunity to personalize existing designs or create something entirely new with its bespoke service. Mouradian: We have carefully selected a team of diamond jewelry consultants who speak at least 3 languages; In total, our teams speak more than 20 languages, so we can serve our customers around the world. VALQUÈRE aims high, that’s why we offer 7 currencies and even cryptocurrencies as a payment option.’

About the Baunat Group

Founded in 2008 in Antwerp, the Baunat Group operates on three pillars united by the “Smart Luxury” factor. BAUNAT offers 100% natural and ethical diamond jewelry for a long-term investment, emphasizing the rich heritage of the diamond. Instead, VALQUÈRE focuses on maximum diamond brilliance and quality within a more affordable budget. Both prioritize tangible value through technology, providing sustainable, high-quality natural and lab-grown diamond jewelry with excellent customer service. The “Digital Native Vertical Brands” approach manufactures bespoke jewelry in Antwerp, reaching customers directly through e-stores and twelve showrooms worldwide, improving efficiency and customer experience by eliminating middlemen. The “diamond experience” takes center stage, featuring timeless diamond jewelry designs meticulously tailored to each customer’s unique journey, offered directly to the consumer, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience Baunatgroup website

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