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Madrid, January 2, 2024.-

In this way, Proportione reaffirms its commitment to the evolution of people consulting in the digital era. With the incorporation of Mayte Tortosa as a strategic consultant for people and technology, progress is made in the field of digital strategy to involve people by incorporating artificial intelligence into the daily life of companies

A recent study from Harvard Business School, which highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the world of work. According to this study, the incorporation of AI in companies leads to a significant increase in productivity, evidenced by a 25% increase in the speed of processes and a 40% improvement in the quality of work. These data underline the strategic value of the integration of artificial intelligence in the workplace, not only in terms of operational efficiency, but also in the qualitative improvement of work performance. The vision of Proportione, with the incorporation of Mayte Tortosa, is aligned with these trends, placing emphasis on how technology can enhance human capital, thus redefining the interaction between human talent and technological innovation in large companies. Mayte Tortosa has an outstanding career as a director of people development and growth and with experience in sectors such as banking, technology, services and logistics; All of this will provide a comprehensive vision and enriching experience to the Proportione team. Your role will be crucial in guiding companies towards a renewed focus on technology for people, an area that often represents a challenge in the digitalization processes of large companies. At Proportione they are aware that human talent is a critical factor in the success of any digital transformation. The addition of Mayte Tortosa is a step forward in strengthening her ability to address this challenge, fusing human and artificial intelligence to create more efficient and humane solutions. In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are advancing rapidly, the traditional view of competition between humans and machines has become obsolete. Instead of fearing the supplanting of human jobs by robots and AI, it is imperative to explore new forms of collaboration that allow us to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Collaboration, rather than competition, is the key to a harmonious and productive future of work. With this change, Proportione goes a step beyond digital strategy and also positions itself at the forefront of technology design for people, and in bringing artificial intelligence to people. The goal is to help large companies successfully adapt to a constantly evolving work environment. The company is committed to being a catalyst in transforming the way organizations integrate technology into their talent strategies, thereby driving collective growth and business development.

Contact Contact name: Javier Cuervo Contact description: Proportione/Strategic technology consultant Contact phone: 0034627966227