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The best mandarins with authentic Valencian clementine flavor now with a lower price

Valencia, January 2, 2024.- The authentic flavor of Valencia oranges comes for another year from Naranjas La Torre. A family business with 37 years of experience, leader in the sector thanks to the sale of oranges and tangerines online. Burriana is the epicenter of this family business dedicated to the sale of oranges and mandarins since 1986. Naranjas La Torre is a leading company in the sale of oranges and one of the most popular national and international online sales portals for those looking for the freshness and authentic flavor of these citrus fruits. Buying oranges online is very easy with Naranjas La Torre. Naranjas La Torre has recently started, like every year, the orange and mandarin campaign. A campaign that stands out for the unsurpassed quality of its products, freshly harvested and direct “From the tree to the table in 24 hours”, as their motto says, which they carry as their flag wherever they go. Their success is so great that they even now have a price drop on their delicious clementines and have already started selling oranges. Tradition and commitment Being leaders in the sale of oranges is the result of many years of work and commitment to their products and their customers. And one of the keys to its success is to grow its fruits in a traditional way in soil with natural fertility that enriches each orange and mandarin, of course, by Valencian farmers. And their commitment goes further, which is why their products They are chemical free. They believe that the best way to grow their fruits is the traditional way. For this reason, they do not use herbicides, a decision that allows them to take care of the subsoil and the planet. They carefully analyze irrigation methods, water and weather and only harvest the fruits when they reach their perfect point of maturity. Once collected, they select the best to ensure an exceptional flavor and experience. Crossing borders The tradition of this company from Burriana meets modernity thanks to its online sales through its website. They have known how to adapt to the times and take their products anywhere. With one click, the best oranges in Valencia reach hundreds of people and families who choose Naranjas La Torre every year. So much so that their fruits even cross borders, as they ship internationally, recently reaching Holland or Germany. Much more than oranges Juice oranges, table oranges, clemenule mandarins, mini clementines… In boxes of 5, 10 and 15 kilos, perfectly placed and cared for so that they arrive at their destination as if they had just been picked from the tree. And not only that, since they also have artisan jams made with their fruits: orange, blood orange, lemon and even lime. Their daily effort and their desire to continue offering the best products mean that they continue to be leaders in the sale of oranges and tangerines. They do not know what the future will bring, but what they are clear about is that they will continue with their tradition of growing products with the highest quality to bring a little piece of Valencia to any part of the world. Issuer: Naranjas La Torre

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