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The Malaga International Architecture Festival will be held from May 10 to 12. More than 55 activities are already confirmed, including visits to buildings, guided routes and experiences. 60% of visits do not require prior registration and all are free. This year the festival will have the city of Antequera as a guest, where 6 special routes will be carried out

Málaga, April 25, 2024.- In less than two weeks, Open House Málaga will celebrate its fourth edition. The international architecture festival, which has become an unmissable event for the people of Malaga, brings forward its dates this year to take advantage of the good spring weather and will take place on May 10, 11 and 12. This year’s motto, ‘Where architecture comes to life’, invites you to experience the best of Malaga architecture up close and to rediscover the Andalusian city with different eyes, appreciating its valuable cultural and architectural heritage. After the tremendous success achieved in its first three years, in 2024 citizens will be able enjoy a wide and very attractive range of activities: 34 buildings will be opened, 4 experiences will be carried out and 18 routes will be carried out around the city. It should be noted that more than 95% of these activities will be guided by historians and architects, professionals who collaborate in this festival, contributing their knowledge and experience to bring architecture closer to all citizens. There are many new features in the program, such as the Street Lamp Malaga, symbol of the city that opens to the public for the first time; the old Convent of San Andrés, which currently houses the Jorge Guillén municipal public library or the Martiricos Children’s School, a school that hides a jewel in its patio: a model of the Iberian Peninsula measuring 24 meters wide by 18 meters long. They also return to participate in the festival some of the buildings that were most successful in past editions, such as the Camarín de las Monjas, the Casa en el Monte by Rafael de Lacour or the Alcazaba and the group of homes in the military neighborhood.To enjoy the festival and To discover all the activities it offers, you can visit its website www.openhousemalaga.org and consult the complete program. Most visits do not require registration and all are completely free. In addition, it is still possible to sign up as a volunteer if you want to participate in the festival in a more special way, helping Open House Málaga to bring architecture closer to all the citizens of Málaga.Open House is a global network of architecture festivals held in more than 50 cities around the world (London, NY, Chicago, Milan, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Osaka and Athens, among others) with a common objective: to bring architecture closer to society. Málaga joins this international initiative by showing with good examples of its architecture and its public spaces, how its condition as an ancient Mediterranean city, together with its particular dynamic character, make it today an attractive and contemporary, welcoming and friendly city. The main purpose of the festival is to make known the reasons that underpin architecture, and there is nothing better to understand them than to experience them as an experience. Visiting the buildings, participating in its urban routes in which the special way in which its streets and squares are experienced is evident, and enjoying the experiences and activities prepared to help discover the character of the city. Open House Málaga is possible thanks to the institutional support of the Junta de Andalucía, through the General Directorate of Heritage of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and European Funds, and the Malaga City Council, through the Area of ​​Tourism and Promotion of the City; in addition to the support of numerous sponsoring entities and public-private collaborators.

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