Madrid, April 11, 2023.

OUIGO returns to celebrate the 2nd edition of the OUIGO Pride 2023 Short Film Competition, a competition aimed at all people who want to tell a story about diversity

After last year’s success, OUIGO, the high-speed train operator that connects Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with stops in Zaragoza and Tarragona, Madrid Chamartín – Clara Campoamor and Valencia Joaquín Sorolla, and soon also to Alicante and Albacete, with tickets from €9 joins the Pride celebration for another year through the 2nd edition of the OUIGO Pride 2023 Short Film Contest. An initiative that invites all those who want to tell a story about diversity through creation to participate of a script for a short film, and carry out its subsequent production. This contest was born with the aim of rewarding all those people who, like the brand, want to show their unconditional support for diversity through creations that promote visibility and freedom . These pieces, their story or part of it, must be inspired by OUIGO trains, telling stories that connect, excite and invite you to celebrate Pride week in the most inspiring way possible. Up to 10 scripts will be selected by a jury made up of professionals in the sector such as Juan Luis Iborra, film director and winner of a Goya for best screenplay, Alejandro Melero, playwright of essays and fiction, and two representatives of the brand, Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián, directors , writers and producers of the acclaimed series ‘El Tiempo Que Te Doy’ and by the representatives of the brand, Federico Pareja, Commercial and Marketing Director of OUIGO and Rocío Jiménez, Marketing Manager of OUIGO. After the shorts are delivered, and coinciding with the celebration of Pride in Madrid, the 2nd edition of the OUIGO Pride 2023 Short Film Festival will be held, where all the finalist shorts will be screened and the two short winners of this 2nd edition will be announced. The two winning shorts will be awarded with an economic endowment, being the first prize for the best short film chosen by the jury (€4,000) and another for the public’s favorite (€1,500). In the 1st edition of the Festival, the company received more than 200 scripts In the registration phase, and although the level was very high, finally it was Alba Pino from Pontevedra, with her short film “Y después, ella” who emerged as the winner of the jury. This short film reflected a love at first sight story that, in a humorous tone, reflects the types of travelers that exist during a train trip. For their part, the couple made up of the Murcian scriptwriter Andrés Alemán and the director Christian Sánchez, won second prize at the festival thanks to more than 990 votes obtained from the public. Andrés and Christian presented the short film “The Journey Continues”, which talks about fear, shame or the fear of feeling judged, and which invites freedom and being true to oneself.”Do you get on the diversity train 2023 ?” Phase I: Delivery of scripts From March 23, 2023 to April 27, 2023, all those people who want to tell a story can send their script to OUIGO through the email (see participation rules here )Phase II: Selection of scripts From April 27, 2023 to May 11, 2023, both included, a Jury of Experts and two representatives of the brand, will be in charge of selecting up to 10 finalist scripts. The finalist scripts will be chosen based on criteria of creativity and originality, taking into account that the story revolves around diversity, and that part of it is inspired by OUIGO trains. Once this selection of scripts is made public, those selected will have to carry out the production and recording of the script they have submitted, with a delivery deadline of June 13, 2023. On June 16, 2023, the finalist shorts will be published so that they can be subject to popular vote until June 25, 2023, the public’s favorite short will be the one that receives second prize.Phase III: OUIGO Pride 2023 Short Film Festival During Pride week in Madrid, on Tuesday 27 June 2023, OUIGO will hold a gala in a projection room in the city where all the selected shorts will be screened, and the winners will be announced, followed by the awards ceremony for the short chosen by the jury, and the short chosen by voting popular. In addition, the authors of the finalist shorts will also receive an amount of €350 and a €100 discount voucher to travel with OUIGO to reward their participation. OUIGO encourages everyone to participate and not miss the opportunity to tell their stories and be part of this long-awaited second edition.

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