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OXFORD, England, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Oxehealth, the global leader in smart patient monitoring for acute mental health, has announced FDA and EU approval of new sleep monitoring software, expanding the scope of your contactless patient monitoring platform.

The technology is the latest innovative medical device launched by Oxehealth. It assesses patients’ sleep/wake patterns with a level of accuracy comparable to polysomnography and provides automated daily results that healthcare providers can use to support clinical decision making.

Given the proven links between sleep and mental health, knowledge about sleep should be a key part of providing the best care and treatment. But until now, obtaining objective and accurate data on sleep in patients with acute mental illness has been a challenge.

“In inpatient psychiatric settings, it is neither practical nor safe to hook patients up to standard polysomnography equipment,” said Dr. Michael Genovese. “Oxehealth’s novel solution has enormous potential. The insights it provides can help clinical teams adapt their care plans and promote recovery. Ultimately, it could even allow clinical teams to refine medication prescriptions and optimize the length of the hospital stay.”

Todd Haedrich, CEO of Oxehealth, commented, “We are pleased to announce our latest global breakthrough. We are now actively seeking forward-thinking acute mental health providers interested in leveraging technology to enhance their capabilities to join our new Innovators Program”.

About Oxehealth

Oxehealth is the world leader in smart patient monitoring for acute mental illness. The company is dedicated to helping clinical staff provide safer, higher quality and more efficient hospital care. Oxehealth partners with half of England’s NHS mental health providers and is expanding to transform hospital care in the US and Europe. For more information, visit www.oxehealth.com.

About Oxevision

Oxevision is a contactless patient monitoring platform for acute mental illness. It consists of camera-based hardware and a set of software modules that include FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical devices for vital signs and sleep monitoring. Oxevision improves the ability of clinical teams to observe patients, intervene when necessary and plan care effectively. Providers who offer Oxevision to their staff have been shown to provide safer, higher quality, and more efficient care. For more information, visit www.oxehealth.com/oxevision.

For more information, visit: www.oxehealth.com

For media inquiries, contact: Ben Walsh; 44 (0)7554 018066; ben.walsh@oxehealth.com

For investor inquiries, contact: Tom Hatfield; tom.hatfield@oxehealth.com

For sales inquiries, contact: Todd Haedrich; todd.haedrich@oxehealth.com

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