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Madrid, May 13, 2024.- Ozone therapy for herniated discs is a highly effective treatment for disc protrusions and sciatica. Scientific evidence supports that direct injection of medical ozone into the lumbar, thoracic or cervical disc (discolysis) relieves back pain and reduces the need for conventional surgical interventions.

In this procedure, ozone is applied inside the diseased disc using an X-ray-guided needle. The objective is to reduce the size of the hernia or protrusion, relieve root compression, provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and allow tissue regeneration. and offer long-lasting analgesia to surrounding areas.

Dr. Carlos Morales is recognized as a leading specialist in ozone discolysis in Spain. The Doctor emphasizes the importance of differentiating this technique from other forms of ozone therapy, such as paravertebral muscle injection, highlighting that direct administration into the disc is more effective and generally requires a single application to maintain long-term results.

Risks of discolis in herniated disc

Dr. Carlos Morales maintains that ozone treatment of herniated discs is an effective procedure with proven safety, given the improvement that the patient experiences in terms of pain and function and the low rate of complications (less than 0.1 %) compared to other procedures such as surgical discectomy. With vast experience in advanced pain management, this anesthetist claims that ozone discolysis provides fast, effective and long-lasting results, surpassing conventional treatments such as injections, medications and physiotherapy.

What benefits does ozone therapy provide for herniated discs?

Percutaneous discolysis with ozone promotes multiple advantages to its patients, since it allows decompressing the size of the lumbar disc herniation, reducing long-term pain and inflammation by more than 80? cases of herniated disc treated. Likewise, this procedure does not require surgery, hospitalization or general anesthesia, and results can be noticed between 48 and 72 hours after treatment.

Each case is unique. It is advisable to see an expert in ozone therapy to determine if this treatment is appropriate for your particular situation. Dr. Morales, with more than a decade of experience and more than 500 annual procedures, offers both in-person and telematic consultations for personalized guidance in the diagnosis and treatment of herniated disc.


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