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You can surprise your friends with the Lavazza Coffee-Mule recipe, as you will have the perfect cocktail

Madrid, May 13, 2024.- May 13 is World Cocktail Day, it is a celebration that commemorates the first time the word cocktail was used, in 1806 in a New York newspaper, the Balance and Columbian Reposity . Since then, it is a day that offers people around the world the opportunity to celebrate the versatility and pleasant taste of delicious alcoholic beverages. From the classics to the most innovative recipes, both beginners and experienced mixologists have many options to play with ingredients and test their skills on this occasion. On such a special day, Lavazza experts suggest adding a magical touch of coffee to the mix. Instead of a cup, they propose changing the presentation of the coffee to a glass, milk to ice, and adding moderate amounts of liqueurs. The result is undoubtedly exceptional: obtaining Coffeetails, Lavazza’s exclusive coffee-based cocktail creations. For this year’s World Cocktail Day, the coffee experts at Lavazza propose the special Coffee-Mule, a cold drink served in a glass with ice. On this occasion they have been inspired by the Moscow mule recipe, combining the acidic flavors of cucumber, lime and vodka with the rounded flavor of Lavazza coffee, achieving a perfect balance of flavors. To prepare the Coffe-Mule you only need: 30 ml of cold brew concentrate, 35 ml of double espresso, 30 ml of vodka, 100 ml of ginger ale, 15 ml of lime juice, 15 ml of syrup, a few cucumber strips, lime wedges and mint leaves for decorate. In addition to a glass with ice to serve the mixture very cold.

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