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On June 22, the real mystery game The Key to Dreams will be held at Humanes in Madrid, a game whose story will be inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The event, organized by the alternative entertainment company Paranormal Adventures, consists of 8 hours of play to solve a terrible mystery, taking the entire town as a stage, with more than 80 actors. Currently, tickets are at a special price, which will be maintained only until May 22

Madrid, May 17, 2024.- Up to 600 players will have the entire night of June 22 to pass tests of skill, ability and intelligence. One of the most important components of the event is its web application, which helps distribute the game, sending each group to a location or test, which will be found in the different public buildings in the town. Each time a test is passed, the application unlocks two more, offering new clues and adding points in a global ranking. At the end of the night, the best in that ranking will be able to take the stage to end the game. “The application is the icing on the cake, it is essential because, thanks to it, we not only get a game distributed without waiting for the players, but that, in addition, through it you can obtain more information so that no one feels lost, and it can be used to solve certain enigmas, some with augmented reality,” explains Elena Municio, Co-Founder of Paranormal Adventures. Other aspects of the game Players will have 3 lives, which they can lose in different ways, either through the streets, where enemies chase them; or in the different tests. Despite this, if an investigator loses all three of his lives, he can continue playing. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and always keep your smartphone well charged. Tickets are available through the event website and have a special price until May 22: https://www.paranormal-adventures.es/humanesThe key of dreams There is a special key, a key that opens the door to other worlds, what is behind that portal? One of the leading agents of the force specializing in paranormal investigations has disappeared. The last thing we know about him is that he was after that key. Has he managed to get hold of her? Have you been able to open the door to other worlds? And more importantly, what if he actually has? A dark world opens before your eyes when you open the final door, “do you want to know what’s on the other side?” Paranormal Adventures Since 2016, Paranormal Adventures has become the first real games company to have an application. The company holds live events, always under the seal of the horror and mystery genre. Furthermore, after the Pandemic, it launched digital adventures. It also carries out teambuildings, games for companies and activities for professional events. https://www.paranormal-adventures.es/

Contact Contact name: Elena Municio Contact description: Medusa Network SL Contact phone: 636835361