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Madrid, January 24, 2024.- Securitas Direct, a leading company in the protection of people, homes and small businesses, has received the “Consumer Choice” award for the third consecutive year when it was chosen as the preferred brand in the security services category. security. An award that confirms its commitment to its own technology, its close collaboration with the Security Forces and Corps and its commitment to excellence in service for thirty years.

Consumer Choice, an entity specialized in market studies whose methodology evaluates the level of satisfaction and acceptability of brands, has consulted current consumers about the attributes they considered most important for the 8 categories of the contest.

In the case of Securitas Direct, the highest rated attributes of its service have been the PreSense™ technology of its alarm that allows intruders to be detected before they enter, its response capacity in case of emergency, its 24/7 service and its security cameras and detectors.

“That consumers choose us for the third consecutive year as the preferred brand in our category reaffirms our mission and encourages us to continue working to build a safer world. Seeing how they trust our products and services and the people behind them is our best reward,” says Nina Llordachs, Director of Marketing Acquisition at Securitas Direct.

At the forefront of the sector

Securitas Direct has the largest and most modern Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) in Europe, with more than 2 million connected alarms – including the 135,000 Senior Protection systems – that protect more than 6 million people in Spain.

Its commitment to service excellence has led it to develop technologies that are defining the future of the industry with innovations that have become the sector standard. Proof of this is the PreSense™ technology, a technological platform developed in-house, whose technology provides an extra layer of protection thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence and predictive models.

This new technology allows Securitas Direct to detect dangerous situations to act immediately. Thus, it reduces your ability to react to risk situations to less than 20 seconds with immediate notification to the Security Forces and Corps and emergency services when necessary.

Securitas Direct is the leading company in protection of people, homes and small businesses. We ensure the safety of more than 2 million clients thanks to the extraordinary work carried out by our?10,000 professionals, trained to carry out installations adapted to the needs of each client, and the most disruptive technology on the market?developed?by our team of more of 600 engineers, who?carry out?their work in our own R&D center with offices in Madrid, Geneva and Mälmo.?We also have the largest and most modern Alarm Receiving Center in Europe,?with headquarters ?in Madrid and Cornellà de Llobregat,?from where a team of more than 2,000 people?receive and?monitor the more than 20 million M2M devices that we have connected in Spain, activating the action protocols?when necessary. Likewise, and as a company authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and registered in the National Registry of Private Security, the relationship?with the Security Forces and Corps becomes?essential, thanks to close public-private collaboration that?contributes to that Spain is one of the safest countries in the world. Securitas Direct is part of Verisure, the leading security group in Europe and second worldwide, with a presence in 17 countries and more than 25,000 employees who protect more than 5 million customers.?

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