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Kapsch TrafficCom has installed its cutting-edge technology in the Intelligent Electric Bus project

Bilbao, January 24, 2024.- Kapsch TrafficCom, international provider of technology, services and solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), reinforces its commitment to sustainable and healthy mobility in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, placing it at the forefront in the change towards the mobility of the future. Its technology is present in two important projects: the Intelligent Electric Bus (BEI) that serves one of the most used lines of TUVISA and the extension of the tram to Salburua that will improve communications with the eastern area of ​​the city. The implementation of the EIB is a project in which the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, the Álava Provincial Council and the Basque Government have collaborated. The vehicles are totally electric, avoiding the emission of 1,520 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. With the installation of this power line, passage frequencies have been improved from 10 to 7 minutes, reducing travel time by 25% for a potential user population of 120,000 citizens. Kapsch TrafficCom has provided all the necessary traffic light equipment for the 61 intersections through which the EIB passes. This translates into 14 new regulators, as well as the technological update of 19 existing regulators and exclusive traffic light signaling that will inform drivers of the BEI of its circulation priority, a functionality that the company has implemented in this project and that it has already launched in an analogous way in the current sections of the Vitoria-Gasteiz tram, and that makes the trip faster and safer. In this project we must add the extension of the tram from Vitoria to Salburua. Kapsch TrafficCom has been in charge of providing tram priority and different traffic light elements to 15 traffic light crossings between the Florida and Salburua stops. This extension, added to the one that linked the Angoulême stations and the university campus, also developed in the same terms by Kapsch , will allow improving the connection between the eastern area and the city center by prioritizing this mode of transport in the city over other more polluting ones. More information: Kapsch TrafficCom Press Issuer: Kapsch TrafficCom

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