All the technology you need in one versatile device to carry out all transactions: from contactless payments to chip and PIN payments. The strategic partnership between Viva Wallet and Elo revolutionizes the European payments landscape, offering flexible payments everywhere and less hassle for businesses.

ATHENS, Greece, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A strategic partnership between Viva Wallet, one of Europe’s leading cloud-based neobanks, and Elo, the world’s leading provider of interactive touch solutions, is paving the way for a new checkout experience for retail. European companies can now offer new payment experiences, accepting contactless payments, with Chip

The integration of Viva Wallet technology with Elo’s elegant and durable all-in-one mobile solutions makes the POS the most popular tool: a next-generation mobile or fixed terminal with level 3 certification that accepts more than 30 payment methods different. In addition, this flexible and versatile device facilitates ticketing, inventory management, delivery tracking, price control and other retail operations thanks to a powerful processor and optional integrated barcode scanner. The optional docking station and expansion module transform the mobile solution into a fixed terminal. This strategic partnership translates into further system consolidation, more agile operations, increased security and a seamless customer journey, across multiple verticals, from retail and food to hospitality, leisure and logistics.

Viva Wallet and Elo’s combined omnichannel solutions enhance the retail experience both online and in-store, offering businesses options to streamline operations and increase conversions. Backed by a decade of enterprise-focused Android development and leadership, Elo’s broad and diverse portfolio of hardware, in turn integrated with Viva Wallet’s cutting-edge plug-and-play payment technology, applies to everyone. the points of contact with the end customer.

“With our common focus on innovation and leadership, Elo and Viva Wallet are a perfect fit. We are excited about this collaboration as part of our partnership program with independent hardware vendors. Viva Wallet is the pioneer in Europe in enabling payments on any smart device – from mobile terminals to smart mirrors to self-service checkouts – thanks to our state-of-the-art software platform We enable integration and reduce hassle for all businesses that accept payments, using a single device, while introducing new innovative use cases for payments in all sectors, including HORECA, transportation and tourism, to name a few. Our goal is to enable seamless omnichannel payments for everyone, everywhere,” says Harry Xenophontos, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at Long live Wallet.

“We are delighted to partner with Viva Wallet to offer businesses the ability to accept payments in store or on the go – wherever customers are,” said Maarten Bais, Vice President and General Manager EMEA at Elo. “Around the world, world-class manufacturing, restaurant and retail brands use our Android-based portfolio for applications ranging from point-of-sale, automated checkout and self-order to endless isolation and automation. Leverage Viva Wallet’s innovative solutions to include fully integrated payments adds tremendous benefits for all customers.”

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