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Valencia, November 16, 2022.

The director of the international area of ​​the CISE, José Carlos Ceballos, explained how the CISE has incorporated different skills and non-formal education for projects aimed at improving society

Fostering and promoting the acquisition of skills and abilities in young people can become a powerful tool for social and economic development, is the main conclusion of the conference by José Carlos Ceballos, director of the international area of ​​the Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (CISE), that took place on the last day of the ‘Congrés de Juventut. PostZ Policies’, organized by the Institut Valencià de la Joventut (IVAJ). During the presentation, the most valued skills in recent years were discussed, as well as the eight lifelong learning skills that the European Union has defined and which they are going to mark educational development and society. In addition, the speaker has stressed that formal education has many good things, provides knowledge and works as a social elevator, but there are other issues that it does not reach, just like non-formal . For this reason, the key is to encourage the combination of both for the development of young people, but also for a critical and constantly evolving society. Ceballos explained that the CISE uses the Entrecomp framework, a complete, flexible, multi-purpose and a starting point to bring the most demanded skills and constant learning to young people and get them to improve their employability and be able to develop projects with a social impact.’Congrés de Juventut. PostZ’ Policies The Institut Valencià de la Joventut (IVAJ) has brought together in this congress more than 200 youth professionals from the entire Valencian Community and young people and political leaders to analyze the challenges faced by this post-millennial generation and how to get there to them from public policies.

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