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Salsnes Filter (Norway) will become an independent entity

LONDON, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Trojan Technologies today announced its plan to sell the Salsnes Filter business to current and former members of the Salsnes management team, with the transaction expected to close in mid-January 2024. Upon closure, Salsnes Filter will be an independent organization and no longer a subsidiary of Trojan Technologies.

The transaction will provide Salsnes-Filter the opportunity to further reinvest in its solids separation filtration technology to better meet the demands of the water treatment industry.

“With today’s announcement, we believe Salsnes will have the advantage of being an independent company with greater opportunities to develop its eco-efficient solids separation solutions,” said Tom Siller, CEO of Trojan Technologies.

“After 11 years of working together, we have created customer partnerships that have helped solve the difficult problems customers face in the water treatment industry,” Siller continued. “Under Johan Sellaeg’s leadership, Salsnes partners will be able to continue their impact by providing eco-efficient solutions around the world.”

“I am very excited to lead our dedicated group of professionals to chart our own destiny,” explained Johan Sellaeg, who will become CEO of Salsnes following the closing of the transaction. “With this team committed to growing our business and building deeper relationships with customers who could benefit from our solids separation filtration technology, we look forward to pursuing a successful future.”

Since 1991, Salsnes has offered its solids separation filtration technology and carries out research, product development, testing and quality initiatives. This focus and dedication has produced a highly efficient and reliable filter that maximizes solids separation while dramatically reducing costs, including capital, operational, maintenance and land costs. With installations around the world and in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, the Salsnes filter system is synonymous with eco-efficient solids separation technology. Salsnes Filter will remain at its current production facility in Salsnes Norway.

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