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(Seville, January 10, 2024.-) Photo booths are part of a vintage fashion that in recent years has managed to regain strength, in the midst of an era marked by social networks, visual culture and the boom particularly selfies. This phenomenon dates back to 1925 when the Russian inventor Anatol Josepho managed to introduce the first photo booth in a small studio on Broadway (New York).

The machine at that time allowed people to take instant photographs and print them so they would have a physical memory of the experience. Over the decades, the photo booth has undergone various changes and improvements in its functionality until reaching the present day, where its role is essential at weddings, birthdays and company parties.

Within this context, FotomatónShop is a Spanish store that stands out through the sale of photo booths and 360° platforms that combine superior quality and innovation and are ideal for events, business or personal fun.

FotomatónShop is a company based in Dos Hermanas (Seville) that is recognized for offering technological solutions that allow you to portray special moments from all angles and create unforgettable memories at weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays, corporate and business events.

Within this framework, the firm designs, manufactures and markets three models of 360° platform and high-quality photo booths. Among them, the aerial platform stands out, which is a new rotating photo booth – made of aluminum and light alloy sheet – that is suitable for 12 people and includes an aerial cabin to make 360-degree videos, RGB light ring, iPad support and mobile and two remote control controls.

The FotomatónShop catalog also includes the 360° photo booth, which is a classic and popular model, with a box with wheels that is easy to transport in utility cars and has similar features to the previous format.

The mirror photo booth, for its part, is a product that revolutionizes the concept of a photo machine through a 45-inch touch mirror that prints true works of art in real time, in addition to other cutting-edge specifications such as the ring light. RGB, professional SLR camera, photo and boomerang software and DNP QW410 professional printer.

Likewise, the company deploys an extensive range of accessories designed to illuminate, decorate and enhance each capture such as a signature audiobook phone, a pack of separator posts with red rope for events, a pack of tripods, a cold spark machine and Apple iPhone 12, among others.

The Sevillian store has professional support and various training tutorials that guide users in the operation of the 360° photo booths and maximize the benefits, whether from the initial configuration or downloading videos or photos with the code. QR, up to instant sharing on social networks and marketing channels.

FotomatónShop, in short, offers technological products for both event companies and photographers specializing in parties, which stand out for their creative customization and simplicity of use.

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