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Madrid, December 26, 2023.

The innovative Madrid company, Turbofans, takes a step forward in the transformation of domestic energy consumption with the launch of its revolutionary fan system for all types of radiators. Turbofans not only stands out as a milestone in energy efficiency, but also offers an economical alternative to those who want to lower their monthly bill. Here’s a closer look at this fascinating energy revolution

Turbofans – A Milestone in Energy Efficiency Turbofans are introduced as a unique radiator fan system, designed to change the way homes are heated and cooled. This innovative accessory, compatible with conventional radiators, is made up of fans strategically located on a frame with a simple anchoring system, integrating aesthetically into the lower part of the radiator.Automated efficiency with electronic control What makes Turbofans exceptional is its system electronic control that automatically regulates the operation of the equipment. When it detects an increase in radiator temperature, it activates the fans, multiplying the air flow and, therefore, boosting the performance of the radiator. Equally astutely, it automatically stops when the radiator cools when you turn off the heating, thus contributing to efficient energy use. “See in this video how easy it is to install.” Innovative applications for all year round Turbofans are not limited to the cold seasons. In winter, it extracts up to double the power, solving cold problems in poorly heated rooms. Furthermore, this innovative system opens the doors to a more revolutionary novelty: in summer, with a heat pump (Aerothermal or Geothermal), the radiators become an efficient air conditioning system. “Save energy and money while taking care of the environment” Advantages that will transform the home•  Adaptability to the radiator: It adjusts to all types and sizes of radiators.•  Fast heating: Up to 200% faster than conventional systems.•  Low temperature operation: Allows you to work efficiently at temperatures even below 40 °C.•  Improved efficiency: Multiplies the efficiency of existing heating systems.•  Installation without works: Quick, easy and without the need for tools.•  Integrated aesthetics: It blends harmoniously with the aesthetics of the radiator.•  Reduction of consumption and emissions : Contributes to energy savings and reduced emissions. •  Energy and money savings: Maximum power with minimal impact on the monthly bill. Recognitions and awards Turbofans sets a new standard in efficiency and comfort in modern homes, and therefore has been awarded with prestigious awards: •  2nd Inventors Pitch Awards 2018 •  IV La Nave Acceleration Program    •  Vertical: Sustainability, bioeconomy and circular economy •  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Government Area of ​​the Madrid City Council •  First Acceleration Program of the Madrid City Council Innovation in Circular Economy (CIEC)    •  Government Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment of the Madrid City Council For more information: WWW.TURBOFANS.ES or contact without obligation:

Contact Contact name: Jose Luis Contact description: Inventor Contact phone: 685777996