On Wednesday, employees of the Trump-have taken on the government with representatives of health authorities , and companies such as Cisco , Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and Twitter – a two-hour Meeting under the Motto “peer Brainstorming”, such as the “Washington Post” reported.

the Tech companies and the Fight against an epidemic – how do they fit together? Quite simply, The Trump Administration wants to use the powerful technologies of the company, to the outbreak of the Coronavirus curb. The technologies will help the U.S. government understand the Coronavirus better. The Tech giants from Silicon Valley have by their services, the ability to track the outbreak, exactly, possible conspiracy theories on the Internet curb, and to inform the public comprehensively, explains the Washington Post.

“cutting-edge technology companies, and large Online platforms will play a crucial role in this comprehensive work,” explains Michael Kratsios, Technical Director of the White house told the newspaper. “Today’s Meeting showed an initial way forward, and we intend to have this important conversation to continue.”

Facebook, IBM and Amazon: support All of US-government

The cry for help seems to be answered: Some of the technology companies already take advantage of their high profits and powerful technologies to help the global health authorities in the fight against the Virus, such as the “Washington Post” reported.

The participants of the meeting are convinced that “With a critical mass of expert organizations, official government accounts, healthcare professionals, and epidemiologists with Twitter accounts, our goal is to improve the relevant health information about our service and to expand” said Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy in an official statement immediately after the Meeting.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, pledged support: the company has already tried in recent weeks to ask researchers to track the Virus, anonymous data. His personal non-profit organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, supported the research for the novel Virus, financially.

Similarly, IBM: The Supercomputer of the IT bedrock have Government scientists are helping to investigate potential drug compounds that could combat the Coronavirus.

Amazon announced that in the course of the meeting further aid measures: Its Cloud-Computing Tools could help the authorities in the Tracking of travelers, a participant in the conference. In addition, the provision of digital resources for schools and teachers is useful to be able to students at a distance online teaching, noted another participant.

Generally speaking, Tech companies are currently playing a large role in the Coronavirus: more and more workers need to be digitally networked; many companies are now switching to Home Office. Also, Google : On Tuesday, the company called on its employees to work from home.

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