CaixaBank has reached 94.54% execution of its buyback of its own shares in the first fourteen weeks since the start of the program, the maximum amount of which is 500 million euros.

In these fourteen weeks, the bank has already disbursed 472.1 million euros to acquire 122.1 million of its own shares, according to the information it sent this Friday to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

In the last week, the entity has acquired 7.19 million own shares for a total of 26.8 million euros at a weighted average price of 3.73 euros per share.

The program provides for a buyback for a maximum amount of 500 million euros with the objective of reducing share capital through the amortization of the securities acquired in the operation.

The total number of shares you buy back will depend on the average price at which the purchases take place.

In any case, the securities that are repurchased may not exceed 10% of the entity’s share capital (750.2 million shares) when the own shares that CaixaBank holds at any given time are added.

This program will have a maximum duration of 12 months, although the bank reserves the right to terminate it earlier if the maximum amount set is reached or if any circumstances arise that make it advisable.

The purchases are being made in the Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System (Continuous Market), as well as in DXE Europe, Turquoise Europe and Aquis Exchange.