Carrefour will extend to Spain the decision to no longer sell products from the American multinational PepsiCo in its supermarkets, which has brands such as Pepsi, Lay’s, Alvalle or 7Up, among others, after stating that this firm has caused “unacceptable increases” in its prices. .

“Starting Thursday, shelves of PepsiCo products in Carrefour stores in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium will be displayed with signs indicating that the store will stop selling these brands due to unacceptable price increases,” a PepsiCo spokesperson said. the French distribution chain to Reuters.

In this way, Carrefour has begun to place explanatory posters on the shelves of its establishments in France, communicating this decision to customers. “We no longer sell this brand due to unacceptable price increases,” they say.

At the moment, Carrefour has not clarified whether the products of these brands that it now has for sale will be withdrawn or not replaced once they are sold out.

In this way, the measure adopted by the supermarket chain affects more than 9,000 stores in the four countries in which this measure will be adopted.

PepsiCo already warned last October that it planned “modest” price increases this year for its products, which include Pepsi, Lipton, 7up soft drinks, Alvalle gazpachos, Lay’s snacks, Cheetos and Doritos and Quaker cereals.

In this sense, the American multinational revised its revenue forecasts upwards three times in 2023 thanks to the price increases undertaken and which did not affect the demand for its products.

The measure is similar to the one adopted in September of last year by Carrefour, when it then included warnings on products from Lindt or Lipton, which belongs to PepsiCo, to inform that the manufacturing companies had reduced their consumable quantity while raising their sales amounts to the public.