CCOO has forwarded a formal complaint to the Secretary of State for Public Function regarding the approval, last Tuesday, “on the margins” of social dialogue, of the Royal Decree that regulates the evaluation of the performance of public employees, in addition to other matters related to permits. and conciliation rights.

The CCOO Public Area has urged the Ministry of Finance and Public Function to “urgently” resume the full completion of the Framework Agreement for a 21st Century Administration signed in 2022 with its union and UGT.

For the union, the fact that this norm required “a certain urgency” in its processing to comply with commitments included in the Recovery Plan “is no excuse for not having been the subject of negotiation in the area of ​​social dialogue of the Public Administration “.

Among other issues, the norm approved last Tuesday by the Council of Ministers addresses issues related to permits and conciliation rights, as well as the Public Service Law, “without having been previously addressed by the social dialogue table with the signatory unions of the Framework Agreement for a 21st Century Administration, still pending completion,” CCOO denounces.

For the union, it is urgent to close the deployment of the Framework Agreement in matters as important as professional reclassification, including the obligation to adapt the professional classification to the Spanish (MECES) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF), as well as partial retirement, permits, 35-hour day or the State Public Service Law.

Similarly, and with respect to the State Public Function Law, CCOO considers it “essential” to “immediately” resume the negotiations for its final approval, as well as what is contained in the Royal Decree-Law, which once it came into force , must contemplate the priority negotiation of the professional career, as well as the negotiation to agree on the bases for the evaluation of professional performance, among others.

The CCOO Public Area also demands “a legal down payment” to guarantee from January the increases agreed for 2024 and the additional 0.5% once the 2023 GDP is closed.

Likewise, it asks to introduce in the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2024 measures that guarantee the recovery of public employment, with a “correct” planning of the needs for their transfer to the corresponding public employment offers.

“Measures must also be introduced in the PGE Law to guarantee compliance with the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) in all public administrations and the public sector, where the problems of companies in the water sector stand out,” he stressed.