The trailers for the “Teen Wolf” Season 6 winter finale kind of ruined one surprise. We all knew Stiles was coming back, but that wasn’t the only plot twist. The MTV drama kept the surprises coming in episode 10. Check out all the jaw dropping moments from the midseason finale:

Stiles and Sheriff reunite. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) runs towards Lydia’s (Holland Roden) voice, but first, he sees the Sheriff (Linden Ashby). They embrace, but the Sheriff tells Stiles to find his friends. He promises that they’ll find each other again.

The portal doesn’t open. It’s Lydia’s voice that brings Stiles through. The light from the portal disappears, though. Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Scott (Tyler Posey) couldn’t see him, but Lydia is convinced that he was there. It seems remembering him didn’t bring him through the portal…it brought him to the Jeep! Stiles wakes up in his beloved car.

The Railroad. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) shows Scott that a railroad is popping up through all of Beacon Hills. In the hospital, through the school, everywhere. “It means it’s working,” Douglas (Pete Ploszek) ominously says. Parrish (Ryan Kelley) shows up ready to attack.

Stiles Finds Scott. Douglas is in the middle of an evil speech when Stiles hits him over the head with a bat. Stiles searched all over for his friends, but the town is abandoned. He finally ended up at the hospital. Stiles gets a minute for quick hugs with Scott and Liam before they have to run. He quickly gets his head back in the game and grabs some liquid nitrogen to spray Parrish down with. It brings the hellhound out of Douglas’ spell. Parrish reveals that the Wild Hunt’s train can’t be stopped, but it can be diverted.

Theo survived. Liam realizes Corey could be the key to merging the Wild Hunt’s world with Beacon Hills. Liam decides that he needs to get into the Wild Hunt and runs into school. He finds a Ghost Rider, but Theo (Cody Christian) kills him while Liam steals a horse. It seems Theo didn’t die in the hospital as many, including Liam, assumed last week.

Douglas turns both Stiles and Scott to dust. When they find the lever to divert the train, Scott knows it’s too easy. Stiles can’t resist trying, but it’s a trap set by Douglas. He uses the whip on Stiles and shoots Scott. They’re back in the Wild Hunt. Despite this, the Ghost Riders still try to hunt Scott and Stiles. They chase Scott outside while Stiles is cornered in the locker room.

Peter really does care about Malia. Lydia and Malia find the train station in Beacon Hills High library. They can’t seem to communicate to anyone waiting, though. They realize Peter (Ian Bohen) is among the passengers. Lydia points out that an emotional connection helps breakthrough to the other side. Malia calls “Dad,” Nakitbahis and that gets Peter’s attention. They interact as if they’re in the same room, a sign that the worlds are melding together.

When Malia gets hit with the whip, Peter is suddenly able to make himself corporeal to fight the Ghost Riders. He tells Malia and Lydia to escape, which they almost did, but Malia turns back when she sees her father being strangled. Lydia nearly turns back for her friend, but a banshee feeling stops her.

Stydia’s reunion. Stiles was ready to accept his death, but Lydia’s banshee scream throws the Ghost Rider back. She saves her love. “I didn’t say it back,” she says, referring to her realization that she didn’t get to tell Stiles she loves him too.

“You don’t have to,” Stiles says before he kisses her.

Corey’s wiring. Liam rides into the Wild Hunt, where he finds Mason and Hayden. They’re looking for Corey, who is not okay. He is attached to all the wires in the PA system. That’s how he is blending the worlds together. Liam doesn’t want to pull the wires out until Scott has saved everyone. Corey’s sacrifice has to be for something.

Argent and Melissa are together too. He goes up against a Ghost Rider and manages to grab his gun. The two have an old-fashioned Western standoff, and Argent wins. Melissa runs up and kisses him. Not the Argent/McCall pairing we expected “Teen Wolf” to give viewers, but certainly an entertaining one.

Claudia returns with a vengeance. Claudia (Joey Honsa) shows up for a second, but she can’t maintain the façade. She looks super creepy. The conjured personality tries to attack Stiles because she can’t exist while Stilinski remembers his son. The Sheriff tries to shoot Claudia, and Lydia amplifies the bullet with her scream.

Theo and Peter help Scott. Scott nearly goes up against Douglas and an army of Ghost Riders alone, but back up arrives just in time. Theo, Malia and Peter show up. “I’m not in the pack, but no one likes a Nazi,” Peter says. The four brawl against their enemies, with Scott taking on Douglas.

The Wild Hunt moves on. Scott uses a Ghost Rider’s whip to divert the train to not go through Beacon Hills. Scott lets out a massive howl to let Liam know that he is done. They start pulling wires out of Liam and everyone in the train station turns into green dust.

Douglas becomes a Ghost Rider. Scott and the wolves are still facing the Ghost Riders, but the villains suddenly aren’t interested in the wolves. Douglas can’t control them, and the Riders turn on him. Peter informs him that they have no leader. Douglas becomes a Rider and loses all of his distinguishing features, except the swastika on his arm. He is destined to spend his life as a Nazi Ghost Rider.

School is over. Everyone shows up where they last left Beacon Hills. The pack ends up in their last day of classes before graduation. Stiles is disappointed that their high school experience is over. Scott says it doesn’t feel like anything has really changed. “Everything has changed,” Stiles says as he looks at Lydia.

Everyone is going to college. Apparently, they’re heading off early. Stiles is already giving Scott his car. He thinks Scott will get more use out of it at UC Davis. Stiles is heading to George Washington University in a pre-FBI program that Scott’s dad helped get him into. Lydia will be driving him there before she heads to MIT, where she will be starting as a junior.

The boys get in the Jeep, and they hear the police scanner say something about a body in the woods. They turn off the radio and drive away from the school.

Though it may have felt like a solid ending, the pack’s adventures aren’t over yet. “Teen Wolf” Season 6B returns this summer on MTV.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) returned to the pack in “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 10. Photo: MTV

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