The number of foreclosures on habitual homes stood at 11,556 in 2022, a figure 5% lower than that of 2021, according to the foreclosure statistics published this Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

With this decrease, foreclosures on habitual residences put an end to two consecutive years of double-digit increases after in 2021 and 2020 they shot up 60.3% and 41.6%, respectively.

However, it is the second consecutive year in which foreclosures on habitual residences are above 11,500. In the three previous years they did not even reach 8,000.

During the fourth quarter of 2022, 3,049 foreclosures were registered on habitual residences, 50.8% more than in the previous quarter, but 7.9% less than in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The main objective of this INE statistic is to offer, on a quarterly basis, the number of foreclosure certificates initiated and registered in the Property Registries during the reference quarter. Statistics reminds that not all foreclosures end with the release (eviction) of their owners.

25,551 EXECUTIONS IN 2022

In 2022, 25,551 foreclosures were initiated, 22.3% less than in 2021. Of these, 24,288 affected urban farms (including homes) and 1,263 rustic farms.

Foreclosures on urban properties decreased by 22.2% in relation to 2021. Within urban properties, 16,851 foreclosures corresponded to homes, 18.6% less than in 2021, and of these, 14,148 were foreclosures on homes of individuals , a figure 6.5% lower than that of 2021.

For their part, foreclosures on homes belonging to legal entities decreased by 51.3% last year, to 2,703, while those carried out on plots fell by 33% and totaled 640.

Likewise, foreclosures on premises, garages, offices, storage rooms, warehouses, buildings for housing, other buildings and urban developments totaled 6,797 in 2022, 28.9% less than in 2021.


Of the total foreclosures on homes registered last year, 14,887 affected used homes, with an annual decrease of 18.3%. For their part, foreclosures on new homes fell by 20.6%, to a total of 1,964.

The statistics also reveal that 15.9% of foreclosures initiated on homes in 2022 correspond to mortgages constituted in 2007, 14.9% to mortgages signed in 2006 and 10.4% to mortgages signed in 2005.

The period between 2005 and 2008 concentrated 50.1% of the foreclosures started in 2022.


By autonomous communities, Andalusia led the executions on homes last year, with a total of 4,362, followed by the Valencian Community (3,344) and Catalonia (3,136). On the opposite side were Navarra (83), La Rioja (109) and Cantabria (124).

Regarding the total number of properties, Andalusia, the Valencian Community and Catalonia also led the number of foreclosures, with 5,916; 4,943 and 4,749, respectively, compared to Navarra (152), Cantabria (210) and the Basque Country (286), which registered the lowest number.