WONDER WOMAN 2 – The studio Warner Bros has revised its plans for movie releases for the coming months. By doing this, Wonder Woman 1984, was finally released not in August.

[updated June 15, 2020 16: 00] The game of musical chairs movie releases continues. Warner Bros. has announced to shift by two weeks the release of the next film of Christopher Nolan : Tenet which must therefore now be landed in the United States on 31 July. In the light of this choice, Wonder Woman 1984 can no longer afford to go out mid-August as it was planned since the month of march, because the studio would then itself competition. As a result, the long-feature film, Patty Jenkins has seen its release date shifted again (this is the fourth report that undergoes the film). Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive in the United States on October 2, 2020. It is likely that the film arrives at the end of September or beginning of October in France. Joined by our care, Warner Bros. Pictures France has not responded to our requests prior to the publication of this article.

That means the 1984 title Wonder Woman 1984 ?

In a podcast on the website Deadline, the director Patty Jenkins referred to the result of Wonder Woman. Titled Wonder Woman 1984, this new episode will come out in the summer of 2020 and has so far not yet revealed too much information about it. While the first part took place during the First World War, the sequel will take place in 1984, as indicated in its title. But can we expect that the themes in Wonder Woman 2 are related to the masterpiece of anticipation of George Orwell’s 1984 ? Patty Jenkins answers without saying too much : “Honestly, I can’t tell you about it. All I can tell you is that the year 1984 itself is very evocative of what happens in this film and echoes what is happening today. I chose 1984 for a reason that is very specific : it was the heyday of the success of the 1980s in my opinion. This was before the markets start to tense up in the following years 80. It was the top of the top. And there is something in excess of this period which is very related to our situation in the world at this time. The movie is going this year there for a reason. This is what I would say.” We can therefore expect that Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot of things to tell about the 1980s but also on the contemporary world !