The 35-year-old actress and host and her husband, comedian Jean-Philippe Perras, welcomed their baby girl on Sunday.

The one who will star in the film Arlette gave birth at Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital. The announcement was made on the new dad’s Instagram account.

“The mother, the power, the strength, the woman, my lover @maripiermorin: CO-LO-SSALE”, could we read in the publication of Jean-Philippe Perras.

The newcomer to the Morin-Perras family bears the first name of “Margot”.

“And then you, Margot; great happiness, small love and heart in sunshine. Welcome”, continued the actor on the social network.

Maripier Morin surprised his Quebec audience with the announcement of her pregnancy in mid-May.

“I’m lucky because everything is going really well. […] I have a wonderful boyfriend, my family is super present, and the family of my boyfriend too”, she confided to the magazine 7 Jours.

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