MFE-Media for Europe has bought 1.53% of Mediaset España from Vivendi and Sinclair for a total of 15.5 million euros, as reported by the international media company to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Tuesday. ).

Specifically, MFE has purchased 3.3 million Mediaset España shares from Vivendi, representing approximately 1.05% of the capital, for 10.7 million euros, at a price of 3.2450 euros per share.

At the same time, it has purchased from Sinclair Capital just over 1.48 million Mediaset shares, the approximate equivalent to 0.48% of the capital, for an amount of 4.83 million euros, at a rate of 3.2450 euros per share.

MFE, which anticipates that this operation will be settled next Thursday, has explained that the price of this transaction has been set with a total discount rate of 4.04% on the amount of the separation right, which amounts to 3.2687 euros. per Mediaset share.

This is the amount that Mediaset España shareholders who vote against the cross-border merger by absorption by MFE will be entitled to receive at the extraordinary general meeting of Mediaset España shareholders to be held tomorrow, March 15, and who exercise your right of separation.

Both Vivendi and Sinclair Capital, which have told MFE that they are not opposed to this merger, have decided to sell their stake in Mediaset España prior to the general shareholders’ meeting, “for a price similar to the consideration they would have received if they had exercised their right of separation after the aforementioned meeting”, says MFE.