Overnight stays in Spanish non-hotel tourist accommodation (apartments, campsites, rural accommodation, and hostels) increased by 53.2% during the first eleven months of 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year, according to data made public this Wednesday by the Institute National Statistics Office (INE) that indicate that in the case of campsites, rural tourism establishments and hostels, the accumulated overnight stays until November are even above the levels registered in 2019.

Overnight stays in Spanish non-hotel tourist accommodation exceeded 5.9 million last November, compared to the 5.3 million registered in the same month of 2021, representing an increase of 11.9%. Overnight stays by residents increased by 3.5% and those by non-residents by 16.3%.

The average stay is 4.5 overnight stays per traveler, according to data from the Spanish Statistical Institute.

Of the almost six million overnight stays in this type of accommodation last November, 1.8 million were made by residents of Spain, 2.2 million by visitors from the European Union and another 1.7 million from of visitors from the rest of the world.

According to INE data, the Tourist Apartment Price Index (IPAP) rose by 6.7% in November compared to the same month in 2021, the Campsite Price Index (IPAC) by 4.4% and the Rural Tourism (IPTR) 3.8%.