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There are more and more suspicious games in Asia and suspicious youth games are on the rise

LONDON, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A total of 144 soccer matches played around the world in 2022 were assessed as suspicious by Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS). This represents a marginal increase from the 140 suspicious matches identified by SIS in 2021.

Of particular interest was a growing number of suspicious games played in Asia, where 46 suspicious games (32%) were identified, up from 31 games (22%) in 2021 and 13 games (9%) in 2020. In Europe, 51 games suspicious parties were identified (35%) in 2022, compared to 70 parties (50%) the previous year.

The number of suspected youth soccer matches increased markedly. From just one suspect youth match in 2021, the number of matches assessed as suspect increased to 10 in 2022.

Of the total 144 suspicious football matches identified in 2022, 1 Feb. (33%) – took place in the top-level national competitions of various countries. The year also saw an increase in the number of suspected matches in second-tier and lower domestic competitions, with 61 matches (42%) identified, up from 43 matches (31%) in 2021.

Matches analyzed by SIS are classified as “suspicious” when they are found to have suspicious betting patterns associated with them that may be indicative of match-fixing. While the level of suspicion will vary between matches depending on the nature and amount of evidence discovered, SIS believes that all matches so identified warrant further investigation.

The 144 matches assessed as suspicious in 2022 represent 0.39% of a total of 37,354 football matches analyzed by the SIS over the twelve-month period. This compares to 0.32% of the 43,749 football matches analyzed in 2021.

The SIS data also revealed that:

Affy Sheikh, Director of Starlizard Integrity Services, commented: “Our analysis of more than 37,000 football matches played in 2022 reveals that match-fixing remains a constant threat to football. The total number of suspected games is very similar to that observed in the previous year, and while some of the details within that number have clearly changed, the figures finally show that suspicion of match-fixing in football continues unabated.

The worrying rise in matches detected in Asia is something all stakeholders should be aware of, and it is particularly worrying to see a significant increase in the number of suspected youth matches, highlighting the vulnerability and susceptibility of young players and underscoring the importance of protecting them from an early age”.

About Starlizard Integrity Services Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) is the specialist integrity division of Starlizard, the London-based sports betting consultancy. Starlizard’s detailed understanding of sports and sports performance, as well as its active involvement in the betting markets, offers a unique perspective that allows the company to know better than anyone in the world when the betting markets and sports contests are going. wrong. Starlizard has been producing independent integrity services for sports governing bodies and associations since 2010, and established SIS in 2017 as a dedicated resource to fully focus on this work. Combining its in-depth knowledge of how betting markets should behave with detailed analysis and research of on-field performance data, SIS is ideally placed to identify suspicious matches and betting patterns. For more information, visit www.starlizardintegrity.com

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