Allow me a little detour before getting to the heart of the matter. My students are part of this generation called child-kings. They were encouraged to cultivate their personal identity, which is neither good nor bad in itself. Each of them thinks they are unique. They get angry when I tell them that their reactions are usually very predictable.

Same thing in the results of this poll. People have perfectly predictable responses. It has long been known that humans have two fundamental concerns: money and health. Why ? Because he fears poverty and pain. The first six fears illustrate this, including the fear of world war. We can kill each other on the other side of the world. Bof! But if the war is global, it could affect us here. It’s the same for the death of a loved one (3rd rank) or an illness that strikes us (4th rank). If it hits a stranger, okay. I don’t judge, I observe. We care most about ourselves and loved ones. See also how much environmental disasters, which we keep hearing about, do not disturb most people’s sleep.


Moreover, that economic fears (inflation, lack of money, interest rates, at ranks 1, 5 and 6) are so strong is only a reflection of the objective situation for most. The average salary in Quebec is only $55,000 per year. The average household debt represents 182% of their assets. We owe more than we are worth. In this context, the rise in prices and refunds to the bank is hurting. And we will not avoid a recession. Make that…