CORONAVIRUS. The acceleration of the spread of the Covid-19 in Africa raises the concern, while in the United States, investors fear a rise in the number of deaths and contamination. Latin America is always under tension. Check out the figures from the pandemic.

Summary Map of the coronavirus Statistics of the coronavirus ending Dates of the confinement by country United States Brazil China Spain Italy United Kingdom Germany Portugal Belgium Africa

[updated June 12, 2020 at 10: 40 am] The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, in this month of June, if months after the onset of the Covid-19 in China. After Asia and Europe, who seem to have regained control, and then the american continent, far from being out of the case, Africa will be hit hard by the pandemic ? The continent still remains little affected, in terms of volume, but it is the acceleration of the spread of the disease which gives rise to the concern. these last few days. “It took 98 days to reach the milestone of 100 000 cases and 18 only to cross the 200 000”, he warned, on Thursday, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, regional director of the WHO (world health Organization) for Africa. The continent was Thursday a review of 5 676 deaths to 215 106 cases.

in The United States, the countries of the world, the most fatally affected by the coronavirus, it is the possibility of the arrival of a second wave which is feared by the observers, in particular, by investors. The number of deaths (about 800 over the last 24 hours) and case (approximately 20 000 additional) remains particularly high and the USA, after you have managed to flatten the curve, fail to descend from this high plateau. Several States, including Texas and North Carolina, have even recorded an increase in the number of hospitalizations related to the Covid-19. As a result, the New York stock exchange has seen Thursday, its worst session for the past three months (-6,90 % for the Dow Jones, -5,27 % for the Nasdaq, -5,89 % for the S&P 500), bringing with them the european markets (-4,71 % in Paris, -4,47 % in Frankfurt, -3,99 % in London.

the map of The coronavirus in the world

Statistics of the coronavirus

Statistics of the coronavirus to the 11/06/2020 in the evening

a Country Number of cases New cases deaths New deaths USA 2,089,701 +23,300 116,034 +904 Brazil 805,649 +30,465 41,058 +1,261 Russia 502,436 +8,779 6,532 +174 India 298,283 +11,128 8,501 +394 United Kingdom 291,409 +1,266 41,279 +151 Spain 289,787 +427 27,136 Italy 236,142 +379 34,167 +53 Peru 214,788 +5,965 6,109 +206 Germany 186,795 +285 8,851 +7 Iran 180,156 +2,218 8,584 +78 Turkey 174,023 +987 4,763 +17 France 155,561 +425 29,346 +27 Chile 154,092 +5,596 2,648 +173 Mexico 129,184 +4,883 15,357 +708 Pakistan 119,536 +5,834 2,356 +101 Saudi Arabia 116,021 +3,733 857 +38 Canada 97,530 +405 7,994 +34 China 83,057 +11 4,634 Bangladesh 78,052 +3,187 1,049 +37 Qatar 75,071 +1,476 69 +3 Belgium 59,711 +142 9,636 +7 South Africa 58,568 +3,147 1,284 +74 Belarus 51,816 +750 293 +5 Sweden 48,288 +196 4,814 +19 Netherlands 48,251 +164 6,044 +2 British 45,212 +1,530 1,488 +55 Ecuador 44,440 Was 3,720 United Arab Emirates 40,986 +479 286 +2 Egypt 39,726 +1,442 1,377 +35 Singapore 39,387 +422 25 Portugal 35,910 +310 1,504 +7 Indonesia 35,295 +979 2,000 +41 Kuwait 34,432 +609 279 +4 Switzerland 31,044 +33 1,937 +1 Ukraine 29,070 +689 854 +21 Poland 28,201 +359 1,215 +9 Argentina 27,373 +1,386 765 +30 Ireland 25,238 +7 1,703 +8 Philippines 24,175 +443 1,036 +9 Afghanistan 22,890 +748 426 +21 end Dates of the containment by country

many countries have adopted measures of containment to protect their population from the Covid-19. These measures are withdrawn or draw gradually to an end in many countries. Here are a few dates of the end of containment in the affected countries.

Country announced Date of the end of the containment Algeria 29 may Germany, may 4, Belgium 3-may Spain, may 9, United States, no date national, already lifted in several States. France 11 may Greece may 4, India may 3, Italy 3 may Luxembourg, may 11, Morocco 10 June Portugal 2 may Uk June 1, Switzerland, April 27, Tunisia, may 3 Coronavirus in the USA

The United States remain the most affected country in the world by the Covid-19 with a total of 113 774 deaths (+941 in 24 hours) for more than 2 million cases. The downward trend in the number of cases and of deaths was prompted, in recent days, many cities to begin their déconfinement, sometimes in a very gradual manner, in the image of the city of New York, where the employees of the building and the manufacturing sector have resumed, Monday, on the way to work. The beaches of Miami, Florida, were re-opened Wednesday after having been closed a little less than three months because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, with rules of distancing physical to respect. The return of the balance sheet to the increase in the country, if it persisted, it could undermine some of the lifted restrictions, in the west, in the south of the country, where the virus seems to have moved. “We can’t close the economy again,” has, however, said Steven Mnuchin, the u.s. secretary of the Treasury.

Coronavirus in Brazil

Brazil, the third country most fatally shot in the world by the Covid-19, was not able to stem the epidemic . The authorities have informed on Thursday a new balance disturbing more than 1 239 diethese additional, for a total now exceeds 40 000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus. In spite of everything, a déconfinement progressive is taking place. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro has reopened part of their businesses Wednesday, and then their malls on Thursday. Decisions with skepticism by many experts, who consider the opening of stores early on account of the progression of the virus in the country. This is not the opinion of the president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has asked patrons to conduct a “war” against the governors of the States having taken action, containment,…

Coronavirus in China

China (4 634 deaths in total), and, more particularly, to Wuhan city, the cradle of the Covid-19, the epidemic is now considered as eradicated. No deaths linked to the virus has not been detected for many days. The results of the large screening organized by the municipality of Wuhan, in recent weeks, as the result of new infections after the removal of the containment of the city at the beginning of the month of April, turned out to be very encouraging. About 9.8 million of the tests, only 300 came out positive and were asymptomatic individuals. “The figures show that Wuhan is now a safe city,” said Feng Zijian, deputy director of the chinese national Center for control and prevention of diseases. After you have tamed the virus, the main challenge of China is now on the economic plan.

Coronavirus in Spain

Spain, the record newspaper not identified, on Wednesday, no new related deaths Covid-19 during the last 24 hours, which seems to confirm that the epidemic is now under control in the country, as in its european neighbours. The balance sheet total is displayed at 27 136 dead from the beginning of the pandemic, to 242 707 cases. The date of the 1st July is the next cap set by the Spanish government in the framework of the déconfinement, even if the state of alert runs until 21 June, to limit travel. The reopening of the borders to tourists is scheduled for the beginning of July. The football championship has resumed on Thursday. In addition, many cultural venues have also opened their doors. In contrast, the schools will re-open in September.

Coronavirus in Italy

on Thursday, Italy has announced 53 new deaths from novel coronavirus (71 the previous day). In total, the Covid-19 has officially claimed the lives of 34 167 people in the country, for 236 142 contamination identified. Life resumes its course, gradually, in the country, with the reopening of many cultural venues, swimming pools, restaurants and sports halls. On 3 June, the country has also lifted the mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors, so to reopen its borders to european tourists, in order to give an immediate boost to this key sector. It is also possible for the Italians to travel freely throughout the country. The next step in the déconfinement is scheduled for 15 June, with notably the re-opening of the highly anticipated cinemas and theatres.

Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

The last balance sheet date in the United Kingdom, Thursday, was a state of 151 people dead over the last 24 hours (245 the day before). In total, the country has recorded 41 279 deaths of the Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, for more than 291 000 people infected. According to the office for national statistics (ONS), the number of deaths attributed to the new coronavirus is nevertheless higher than that announced by the ministry of Health, and the overall balance would be in reality of nearly 50 000 victims of the Covid-19. This difference is due to a consideration of the deceased persons in retirement homes, as the government is accused of having neglected.

The Uk is also continuing with its déconfinement progressive, including the partial reopening of the schools since the beginning of the month. The return is done by age groups for primary schools with pupils aged 4 to 6 years, and from 10 to 11 years. The british Prime minister, Boris Johnson, also wants to reopen the shops non-essential, June 15, and some bars and restaurants from the first days of July. Moreover, the british government has introduced a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days for travelers arriving in the United Kingdom by plane.

Coronavirus in Germany

This Friday the 12th of June, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has provided a new perspective on the evolution of the epidemic of Covid-19 in Germany. The country has now 185 674 confirmed cases of coronavirus, or 258 more than the previous day. 8763 deaths are recorded since the beginning of the epidemic, or 8 more over the last 24 hours.

This week, the corridor for German holidaymakers wishing to visit the Balearic islands has been clarified. The Germans are indeed many every summer to go to Majorca, Menorca or Ibiza and 10 900 tourists to get there from the 15th of June and is free of borders still closed (or about to be reopened), and without a quarantine period. “It will be of small groups in order to ensure the safety of the travelers at any time, since their climb in the plane and at the hotel, at the restaurant or at the beach, until they return,” explained the president of the region of the Balearic islands, responding to criticism on the fact that the Spanishs have for the time being this possibility.

If Germany intends to reopen its borders on 15 June for nationals of countries of the european Union but also Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, there are exceptions for countries that prohibit the access to their territory to German nationals or to those which still apply the containment measures. Germany needs to announce this on Wednesday at the end of the council of ministers the extension of the ban on access to its territory to travellers of the non-european. This measure, in force since the beginning of the outbreak, could be extended until August 31, but with studies on a case-by-case basis, the countries with low number of infections could be left out of these measures.

The déconfinement continues with two fixed rules : respect of the distances (a minimum of 1.5 metres between two people) and the obligation of wearing a mask in public space, particularly in the transport and shops. Members of different homes are allowed to meet. The patients in the hospitals but also nursing homes, or specialty facilities for people with a disability can receive the visit of one and the same person.

Coronavirus in Portugal

The Portugal continues to actively prepare for the summer and hope to return next tourists to its land. With 35 000 cases of coronavirus for 1504 deaths, according to the latest balance sheet, the Portugal has been rather spared by the epidemic, and intends to surf on its good figures and its status as a safe destination to attract european tourists… and begins to know ! Portugal has indeed weathered the wave of the Covid-19 that many of its neighboring countries, and continues its déconfinement progressive to prepare for the return of tourists. The government has recently introduced a mobile application “Info Praia” on the terms of opening of the beaches this summer. We have included on this application, information about the rate of occupation of beaches as well as a color code for whether the beach is open in “dynamic” mode (walk permitted only) or if it is possible to cover it with his towel. The dating of the beaches could be monitored and reduced by half compared to usual, but their access could remain free.

The priority is the return of tourism and communication campaigns to multiply. The country has just obtained the label “Safe Travels”, a first in Europe. “This label allows travelers to recognize the governments and companies around the world that have adopted standardized protocols in the area of health and hygiene, so that consumers can travel safely once the restrictions lifted,” said the government. No quarantine will be in place this summer. For the time being the flights from and towards the european Union are still suspended until June 15, as the land border with Spain.

at the Beginning of June, the cinemas, theatres and sports facilities have been able to reopen, while the restaurants, bars and shops of more than 400 square meters had already been allowed to reopen. The football championship has also resumed Wednesday, June 3, with the first two meetings between Portimonense and Gil Vicente and then between the prestigious FC Porto and Famalicao. If the games have been held, the Directorate-general of health had forwarded a recommendation for the competition to resume “in a number as low as possible stages “. Gold of 16 of the 18 teams will play finally in their stadium, even the Maritimo Funchal on the island of Madeira which would involve travel by air to their opponents and to the premises during away games on the continent. After Germany, Portugal is the 2nd largest european country to restart his season.

Coronavirus in Belgium

on Thursday 11 June, the latest figures published by Sciensano report of 16 deaths recorded over the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance to 9645 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. 142 new infections have also been reported. Belgium has more than 59 500 cases of the coronavirus Covid-19 since the arrival of the virus on its soil.

The number of new patients in icu has decreased in the last few days, doing say to the authorities, by the voice of the virologist Steven Van Gucht, that “the system of tracing as to operate well.” As a reminder, a follow-up has been put in place in Belgium to be able to identify and easily find the people who have been in contact with a person contaminated by the virus. The people can then be contacted by telephone call or by SMS, with the numbers official 02/214.19.19 and 8811.

A controversy is also made headlines in Belgium this week, the one about the 15 million masks-washable ordered by the ministry of Defence at the request of the government. However, these masks do not comply with the official recommendations of washing, which requires a pass at 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes. The modes of employment of masks ordered evoke a hand-cleaning in water up to 30 degrees, a temperature insufficient to destroy the virus.

Belgium is entry Monday 8 June in phase 3 of its déconfinement, marked by the reopening of “all classes of the primary education”, the students do not wear masks, on the contrary, adults, and staff sont limited to 20 per class. The bars have also been able to reopen, but the consumption at the counter continues to be prohibited. All sports activities can be resumed, including sports halls (spaces showers will be closed), with the exception of contact sports and swimming since the pools will remain closed.

Here is a reminder of the four phases were initially planned in the plan of déconfinement of Belgium :

Since may 4, with the re-opening of the enterprises of industry and services, but telework remains the norm. The sport can be practiced in both (tennis, athletics, fishing, kayaking, or golf are allowed). Wearing a mask will be mandatory in the public transport for any person who is at least 12 years of age. Since 11 may, the reopening of the businesses (except bars, cafes and restaurants). Since 18 may, the progressive reopening of schools with 10 students maximum per class. Priorities in the last years of primary and secondary education, as well as the first year of primary school. Opening of museums on condition. Social Contacts authorised (private meetings, number of people permitted to weddings or funerals with up to 20 people, possibility to make in his secondary residence). Since the June 8, reopening of hotels and restaurants. Coronavirus in Africa

The last balance sheet published on Thursday, June 11, by the african Centre of prevention and disease control at state 210 153 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the african continent and 5692 death. While the WHO warned on an acceleration of the pandemic in recent days with contaminations within communities in more than half of the african countries, several countries have announced a strengthening of measures against the epidemic. This is the case in the Ivory Coast with the port of the mask mandatory, increased controls for access in and out of Abidjan isolated in the country or the closure of the borders until 30 June. Gatherings of more than 50 persons are now prohibited, note RFI.

the most affected Country, South Africa has started this week a new step in the déconfinement. Schools have started to reopen as places of worship and national parks. South Africa accounts for 48 285 confirmed cases and 998 deaths, according to the latest balance sheet. The mayor of Johannesburg, Geoffrey Makhubo, has been placed in solitary confinement this week after the revelation of a positive test among the personnel of the town hall.