DECONFINEMENT – phase 3 of the déconfinement is announced for 22 June. Then, the government plans to end the state of emergency on July 10, next, but special measures may be maintained until 10 November…

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What is the outcome of the second phase of the déconfinement, started in France on Tuesday, 2 June ? It is known that a third phase has been formally announced for the 22nd of June, the contours of which are not yet known. Given the evolution of the epidemic of coronavirus, the new freedoms may be announced here and there. But according to several media outlets, including the journal The World, the executive would consider, especially, not to extend the state of health emergency which is in force until 10 July. This state of emergency, which had been decided on march 23, in the midst of a crisis of the coronavirus, has been extended for the first time on 11 may. So it is very likely that it will not be a second time.

A draft law would, however, be considered in order to maintain certain measures of restrictions beyond the 10 July. Presented this Wednesday, June 10, the text could be examined from the 17 June to the national Assembly, then the Senate. A new four-month period of déconfinement is raised, this would bring the new deadline of 10 November. Among the restrictions : a prohibition on opening of certain establishments (theaters, restaurants, cinemas, convention centers, or trade, etc), restriction of gatherings to a maximum number of persons, freedom of movement restricted, or the port of the face mask kept in the public transport, etc. Without a state of emergency, by contrast, it appears possible that a new phase of containment is strict can be imposed in case of worsening of the health situation. It will be necessary to pronounce a new state of emergency if this situation arises.

calls for a déconfinement more wide

But make no mistake, the government intends to maintain the pressure in the fight against the Covid-19, with a series of measures by way of derogation until the 10th of November. “More than a transition out of a state of emergency, the government’s project looks like a four-month extension of it, with a few rare tools in the least, as the possibility of declaring the containment of the country”, writes the World where it is a question of a “state of emergency light”.

The government must move forward on a ridge line between the imperative of reviving the activity and the risk of a second wave of the epidemic. Calls to a déconfinement wider have been launched in recent days by several economic actors, starting with the employers ‘ organisations, is concerned about the impact of the economic crisis on growth and employment. The Union des métiers et industries de l’hotellerie (UMIH) has requested, inter alia, in a press release this Tuesday, June 9, “the rapid reopening of schools in the orange zone, whose operation is so far limited to only the terraces”. She believes that “this half-opening only creates frustrations among professionals” who often refuse to reopen their restaurants “because the limit of the terraces is not cost-effective for their business”. The UMIH also calls for a review of the rules of distance tables. The president of the Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, for its part, has asked the government to “review the sanitary protocols that apply in the company” to accelerate the “return to normal”. “The executive should say to the French : it is time, while respecting the gestures of the barriers to return to work and consume,” urges-t-he in an interview with newspaper Les Echos.

Several voices were raised also among individuals and particularly among the parents of students caught between their employers who want to mobilize their teams to see rise rapidly their turnover and the schools, which are still only very partially the students. A forum, for example, has been published in Libération, June 4, by a group of parents of students in Paris and Lyon. Entitled “Less protocol, more school!” she calls for a return to more broad of all the children in the classes. The World also refers to the “doctrine of the déconfinement hustled” by multiple calls to a return to the norm and by the behaviour of individuals, less respectful gestures barrier.

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