CORONAVIRUS. The good news are linked together by Emmanuel Macron, has ensured that France would “be able to turn the page of the first act of the crisis” of the coronavirus and the results of a possible vaccine to arrive in the fall…

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After months of concerns and isolation, the “happy days” – in the words of Emmanuel Macron, are there. The head of State has confirmed that Sunday evening in his speech, “we’re going to be able to turn the page of the first act of the crisis that we’ve been through. Which act : the measures of the déconfinement have again been very largely reduced, in a optimism shown very clearly by the president of the Republic for the events. And since the good news are often grouped together, it was also learned that France, Italy and the netherlands had pre-ordered more than 300 million doses of a project of a vaccine against the coronavirus developed by AstraZeneca, is intended to become a priority for the european market if the tests prove to be conclusive.

It would not take long to know, as the president of the French branch of this laboratory, british-Swedish made aware that studies are ongoing, “we will have results in the fall”. “If the efficacy is not proven, there could be different possible outcomes : or we can continue to have a period and have other results, or move on to something else,” said Olivier Nataf, interviewed by Franceinfo, ensuring that the commitment of AstraZeneca, “this is not to make profits on this vaccine and to provide it at cost price”. And give more details about the vaccine itself : “This is a vaccine that is known on the basis of a viral vector. You take a virus that is inactivated, it changes its genetic code to insert the genetic code that will enable you to produce the protein of the coronavirus. By producing this protein, the patient will be able to develop an immune response against the protein characteristic of the coronavirus”.

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Covid-19 in France : the statistics of the Sunday, June 14, 2020

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09:43 – It is still necessary to “avoid groups of several people in a closed setting”

Olivier Véran, who was interviewed on LCI, has insisted that the French do not lose sight of the importance of staying vigilant in the face of an epidemic of coronavirus in sleep, certainly, but not completely gone. In this sense, it is always necessary to “avoid the grouping together of several people in a closed setting”, has hammered the Health minister, insisting on the fact that gatherings of more than ten people on the highway were still prohibited for the time being.

09:34 – The point-in-New-Aquitaine

In the region Nova-Aquitaine, as in the country as a whole, the indicators on the evolution of the coronavirus are encouraging. This Sunday evening, there had been no new deaths related to the Covid-19 and this for the second day in a row. 166 patients are still hospitalized, but this represents three less than Saturday.

09:26 – “We will be able to take measures of protection if necessary”

Always on LCI, Olivier Véran is recalled that if the measures of the déconfinement have gradually been eased, with a new step was taken this Monday, the government dismissed the idea of re-establishing the restrictions if it was needed in the weeks to come. “We will be able to take protective measures if necessary,” according to a “battery of indicators that we follow day-to-day,” said the minister of Health.

09:19 – Véran confirms, “the bulk of the epidemic is behind us”

In the line of the speech of Emmanuel Macron yesterday evening, Olivier Veran has not hidden some optimism this morning (Monday) on LCI. “The bulk of the epidemic (of Covid-19) is behind us”, he assured, while keeping the caution inherent in his function of minister of Health. “The virus has not completed its circulation in the territory” and it “does not mean that we stop facing the virus”, he argued.

09:04 – The health protocol will be well relaxed in schools

This is the minister of Education confirmed this on Monday morning on Europe 1. “Yes, the health protocol will be relieved in the schools,” said Jean-Michel Blanquer. The main change in practice following this announcement, “one of the distancing physical, which forced her to make small groups of 15 students.” “From now on, there is always a distance in the physical but much less binding, with 1 metre side between the students,” he said. The limitation to 15 students per class in primary education is naturally lifted, but “the hygiene measures (gestures barrier, washing hands and hydroalcoholic gel), they are maintained”. More info on the return to school.

read more How many cases and deaths from the coronavirus in France ? Last balance sheet

The last balance sheet of the coronavirus published this Sunday, June 14 in the evening is in line with the slowdown of the epidemic observed since weeks. Even if, as on every Sunday, the data remont&comte;es are less numerous, the recession continues in the hospital and in the icu and the balance in 24 hours is very low, with 9 deaths. Less than 11 000 people are currently hospitalized in France in the aftermath of the Covid-19. Here are the latest figures disclosed by the ministry of Health :

157 220 cases confirmed by PCR , that’s 407 more 29 407 deaths in total or 9 19 023 death to the hôpita l, 9 more 10 881 hospitalizations in progress , 28 least 869 people currently in intensive care , is 2 to a minimum of 72 859 people discharged from hospital , or 51 more