RAMADAN. It is a certainty : the Aid el-Fitr is celebrated this weekend by muslims in France. But on what date ? Saturday or Sunday ? Will there be rallies ? Explanations and latest info.

Summary end-Date of ramadan 2020 what is the ramadan ? Rules of ramadan That said the CFCM ? Night of doubt, As in every year, the date of the end of ramadan must be determined by the French Council of the muslim cult (CFCM), which will make the announcement this Friday, may 22, during the traditional night of doubt. If a crescent moon is visible in the sky, then ramadan will end in the evening, otherwise, it will have to wait an extra day. The CFCM has, however, already released a statement to give an account of the “astronomical data” that indicate that the moon should not be visible this Friday. Ramadan in 2020 will “very likely 30 days” and should therefore be completed “probably” Saturday, reported the CFCM, which would be set to Sunday, may 24, Eid el-Fitr, The Great Mosque of Paris considers, in a press release issued Tuesday, that”in view of the health situation is still very fragile”, “for the moment it is unrealistic to evoke the idea of gatherings for the prayer of Eid El-Fitr”. A position shared by the CFCM, which recommends muslims not to gather in places of worship. Find on this page all the practical information and answers to the most frequently asked questions on ramadan. Understanding ramadan-questions and answers to Receive our alerts live !

nail biting, is-it possible during the month of ramadan ?

during the month of ramadan, the slightest detail can ask question, giving the impression that everything is forbidden. Nail biting is however possible, from the moment it is clean and without any matter below, of the soap-type. Some micro-details that make all the difference.

That said the CFCM on the end of the ramadan 2020 ?

In a press release published a few days ago, the CFCM has already given these indications : “due to the astronomical data, the month of ramadan this year will certainly 30 days : the day of the Eid el Fitr will be held probably on may 24, 2020. […] New moon will set before the sunset everywhere in the world except the american continent and a part of the atlantic ocean. It will therefore not be visible anywhere in the world”.

what is a calendar hégérien ?

The muslims speak regularly of the calendar “hégérien”, that he follow in parallel with the gregorian. It is simply the “calendar moon”, with which we start each month by the appearance of the new moon. It must be seen in the sky that is well validated in the transition to a new month.

Why ramadan is it linked to the charity ?

at the end of ramadan, the muslim believers follow a moral imperative : they believe that they must take advantage of this period to “cleanse themselves of sins committed during this month. It is for this reason that practitioners must give a’aumone, set by the bodies of muslim to France 7 euros this year.

ramadan is one of the five pillars of islam ?

as a reminder, the month of ramadan is one of the five pillars of islam, classified according to a precise order : first, the profession of faith, which may be sufficient to be a muslim, but to which one cannot escape, even by fulfilling the other pillars ; and then come the prayers and the alms mandatory ; and, lastly, the month of Ramadan for those who can fast, and the pilgrimage to Mecca for those who have the means and are in good health.

Announcement of the end of ramadan : how does it work ?

The rule is ancient : if a crescent moon is visible this Friday evening, then this means that ramadan 2020, ends in the evening, and Eid el Fitr is celebrated this Saturday, may 23rd. On the other hand, if it is impossible to observe the lunar crescent, the muslim must fast one more day. Eid el Fitr will be celebrated on 24 may. For the many muslims in the world, proponents of the “method” to “astronomical” to determine the timing of ramadan, the date is already set for Sunday, may 24 (see below the explanations of the differences of interpretation). Note : as at the beginning of ramadan a month ago, it is possible that muslims disagree on the methods to be found this year on the date of the end of ramadan, all can still choose the 24 may as the day of the Aïd-el-Fitr.

How the CFCM makes its decision on the end of ramadan this Friday ?

given the health crisis of the coronavirus, the French Council of the muslim cult, associated with other representative bodies for muslims in France, will not be able to organize a press conference on Friday, as he was in the habit of doing it every year since the Great Mosque of Paris. It is, therefore, in visio-conference that will be held the meeting between the different agencies, who will publish a joint press release to 19h Friday, may 22.

what is the basis of tradition of the observance of the lunar ?

It is on this verbal comment of the prophet Muhammad that is based on the tradition of the night of the announcement / night of doubt and of the observation of lunar : “Do fast when you see the crescent of the moon and break the fast when you see it, too.” The date for the celebration of the end of the fast or Eid al-Fitr is based also on the observation of this star in the sky.

Pourquoi the dates of ramadan change every year ?

Every year, the date of the beginning of ramadan changes. This variation is due to the fact that the muslim calendar is lunar and not solar. This is the calendar, hijri. Ramadan begins with the sighting of the new moon which marks the end of the eighth month shaaban. The solar calendar has 365 days whereas the lunar has about 355. In addition, the dates also vary depending on geographical areas. In the world, ramadan is observed by over 1.5 billion practicing muslims.

learn more What is the date (estimated) end of ramadan 2020 in France ?

As for the beginning of ramadan, the observation of lunar “Night of doubt” occurs to determine the date of the end of the fasting month. Thus, as decreed, in effect, the starting day of the new month following the month of ramadan. In the meantime, the provisional date of the end of ramadan is estimated, on the basis of astronomical calculations, the Saturday 23 may 2020 . If one refers to the probable date of end of ramadan 2020 / 1441 above, corresponding to the first day of the month of Shawwal and the celebration of the end of the fast of ramadan, the Eid el-Fitr, would then take place on the date of Sunday, may 24, 2020.

what is the ramadan ?

ramadan is actually the name of the ninth month of the year in the calendar hijri , a month of fasting in the muslim tradition, followed by over a billion muslims in the world. And as for each month of this lunar calendar, it begins precisely when the first crescent of the new moon is visible in the sky. According to the Qur’an, the first day of ramadan, the muslim that the practice must perform a large ablution – that is to say, perform a cleansing with pure water – and make its intention to do the fasting all the days of the holy month. In other words, refrain from eating, drinking, having sex, or smoking, from dawn until sunset. Fasting the month of ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam (this is the fourth), with :

the profession of faith prayer zakat (financial support to individuals in need) the pilgrimage to Mecca once in his life for those who can afford it, What are the rules of ramadan ?

The forbidden month of ramadan are quite strict. Eat, drink, smoke or have sex purposefully during the day makes “invalid” the fast. Since the omission may not be punished, however, drink or eat something inadvertently, does not render the fasting invalid. Having sex deliberately during the daytime of ramadan is considered a “great sin”. It is permitted to swallow his saliva, and of course, washing the teeth. The only real prohibited at this level is to ingest something other than her own saliva. The wearing of makeup is banned, even if it can sometimes be tolerated in muslim countries. It is also forbidden to take obscene language, utter profanity, to make false testimony and even engage in a behavior “stupid.” A healthy diet and good hydration are also to be preferred during the breaks in fasting. Overall, napping, avoid exposure to the sun and to limit his physical efforts are also part of the practices to be followed to stay in good health. According to the CFCM, the zakat al-fitr, or alms of breaking the fast, an obligation for every practicing muslim, is also set to 7 euros per person to support in 2020.

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That said the CFCM on ramadan 2020 in containment ?

“given the current situation, the religious holidays cannot organize itself as it usually does,” said the CFCM, which has enjoined upon the muslims of France to adhere to the containment during the month of ramadan, fasting month sacred to Islam. The mosques must remain closed during the whole month of fasting. In his message (see here), the president of the CFCM is the point on the activities impacted by the closure of places of worship, among which are the daily prayers that the faithful must finally realize home, or the rituals of consumption-type preparation of traditional foods, and convivial meetings, to family, to live now in the home reduces. Although the CFCM precise in passing that the practice of fasting is “not affected directly by the current context” since it “depends on intrinsically and individually of each one where it is”, the loneliness that could be felt for many of the faithful.

How to compensate for the lack (or lack of) of the collective dimension of this religious rite, a muslim during the containment, while France is still confined to stem the epidemic ? The website the Conversation, a media which includes academic content, provides some insights :

Maintain the link through media and social networks . By keeping abreast of online time, it is possible for the faithful to unite in prayer from home at the same times as their loved ones located remotely. In the Face of the inability of some families to get together during the festivities, the new technologies can also help, for example, “add a virtual place at the table for family members far away,” notes The Conversation. To do this, there are many apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Houseparty or Zoom. Participate in online fundraising. Apart from the renunciation of the homecoming collective is also the problem of the potential loss of the spirit of générosité and sharing features of ramadan. To replace the organisation of meal of breaking the fast by mosques and charities that address people in need, “distribution systems alternative respectful of the safety instructions will be put in place,” says the website the Conversation. What is the Night of doubt held at the Paris mosque ?