FETE DES PERES 2020. Sunday 21 June is fathers day. Family meals, card caring, small or big, surprise, all the ways to celebrate are good. For those who are in need of inspiration, check out our gift ideas.

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[updated June 21, 2020 at 11h53] France feast on the fathers, from the Fifteenth century. In those days, this celebration took place on 19 march in honor of the foster father of Jesus, St. Joseph. The party disappeared for a time after the separation of Church and State. The Feast of the fathers that we know today, one that takes place every year on the third Sunday of the month of June, is, in reality, fairly recent. And it has nothing to do with St. Joseph. The origin of the feast of the fathers, there is a business of lighters, which was looking to increase its sales in the 1950s. The State officially recognizes this celebration by order in council, 1952.

This year, on June 21, 2020, as every third Sunday of the month of June, the children celebrate their fathers. To each his own way to celebrate the dads. Lighters are not the only gift possible ! To make a cake, prepare a meal, build an object, draw a pretty card, enjoy the day for a family trip, to do sports, several, or browse through the internet and stores looking for the perfect gift… If you are lacking inspiration, Linternaute.com selected the best gift ideas for fun dads. Find out below in this page.

Schedule a birthday card to dad by clicking below : father’s day 2020 What is the date of the feast of the fathers ?

In 2020, the feast of the fathers is set for Sunday, June 21. In France, this celebration is always held on the third Sunday of June, although no official text does not specify what day she needs to be established. In applying this rule every year, we see that the feast of the fathers, therefore, it cannot be determined that between June 15 and June 21 , around the summer solstice and the fête de la musique. If father’s day was always held after mother’s day in our calendar, it is also born later, in France in 1952, when mother’s day is celebrated since 1941. Father’s day is not honored everywhere on the same day. The date in hex is, for its part, modeled on the american model (see below). In Germany, Vatertag is always held on the same day as the Ascension, that is to say, 40 days after Easter. In Belgium or Austria, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of June, a week before France. Conversely, it takes place much later in the year in some countries of our continent : the first Sunday of October in Luxembourg, or the second Sunday of November in northern Europe (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).

What gift ideas have the odds for father’s day ?

The average budget devoted to this paternal amounted to 49,98€. Check out our ideas high-tech below :

15 gifts High-Tech to offer for father’s day

Linternaute.com has selected this year’s 15 ideas of accessories and gadgets High-Tech practical, useful or original to please the dads !

And here’s additional ideas for all tastes :

A gift set “I Love Daddy” of the Wonderbox, to be able to choose his experience – gourmet dinner, helicopter rides, workshop oenology, back massage, driving, Ferrari… (49,90€) A houseplant , such as the Monstera proposed by Nature and discoveries (49,90€, available online only, cache-pot optional) The new Nespresso coffee machine Vertuo Next (149€) A box of tasting of 6 rums of the world , in Bienmanger.com (62,90€) A gift box gourmet “Ride in Corsica” , in Bienmanger.com (34,95€) A photo frame in aluminum-to-ask , Smart picture (24,95€) a subscription to A wine box 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, on Myvitibox (from 20€ / month) eau de toilette Chrome Aqua Azzaro to the chords grapefruit-basil-vetiver, 100ml (47,24€ Marionnaud.fr) A camera snapshot Fuji Instax brown, via The Fnac.com (114,99€) A scratch card is produced by your care for him express your affection (explanations on France bleu) What gift to give for a first father’s day ?

It is not always easy to choose a present for a first father’s day with baby. Even more than for a father’s day “classic”, the personalized gifts have the rating, like the hexagons of aluminum in Smart photo (see here), which also offers photo books (see here), a photo on canvas (see here), a cushion custom (see here) or even a bowl printed. About Cheerz, which is defined as a “site of impressiit photo easy”, it offers a collection dedicated both to new dads, to those who have this role for longer : magnet photo hexagonal, photo album, photo on aluminum, or canvas retro photo (see their collection).

That said, our survey on what is in store for dads ?

According to an exclusive poll carried out by YouGov for the internet user*, to the question “do you Intend to offer a gift to your father on the occasion of father’s day this year?” on the gross basis of the 493 people in the survey with a father, 35% responded “Yes, definitely”. 23% of the respondents answered “yes, probably”, which brings the total of respondents considering seriously to offer a father’s day gift to 58%. 22% of respondents answered “no, probably not”, 19% “no, definitely not,” and 9% “don’t know”. Below, here are the answers to the other questions of this survey, which have been submitted to the gross basis following the panel overall : the French adults who intend to offer a gift for father’s day, or 280 respondents.

Have you planned a budget equivalent to that of the mother’s day for your father’s day gift ?

A budget upper : 5% A budget equivalent : 74% A budget of less : 7% I don’t know : 11% Non-applicaple, I was not offered a gift for Mother’s day : 3%

What(s) type(s) of gift do you intend to offer for father’s day ? Please select all answers that apply.

A useful gift (appliances, clothes etc) : 40% A personalized gift (souvenir photo, object, engraved…) : 15% A gift in the form of output (concert, restaurant, etc.) : 11% A homemade gift : 6% Other : 10% I don’t know : 22%

do you send / give a card “happy father’s day” ?

Yes : 20% No : 73% I don’t know : 7%

To probe a little the fathers also, the last two questions of the survey are reserved for them. They focus on the gross basis of the 470 men on the panel. Among them, 25% do not have children or their children are not of age to give them gifts. On the dads surveyed the remaining 75% of the fathers of the panel, less than half (34%) “expect to receive a gift for father’s day”, and the other part, the majority (41%), does not expect to receive one. Finally, to the question “Would you be vexed not to receive a gift on the occasion of the feast of the Fathers ?”, the men on the panel with children (354) responded, overwhelmingly, “no” (86%). In detail, the 3% would be more precisely “very unhappy”, 10% “somewhat upset”, 21% “not really upset” and 65% “not at all annoyed”.

* on-line Survey conducted from 11 to 12 June 2020, with 1029 persons representative of the French population (18 years and older)

What is the religious origin of the feast of the fathers ?

Although christianity does not have a direct link with the feast of the fathers, many sources have stressed the glorification of fatherhood in this religious current. The God “creator” of the Bible is often named “God the father”. A fact reinforced by the trinity of catholic theology, which separates the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, the father figure is present in the space taken by Abraham, father of believers (Nineteenth century bce) and patriarch of the bible. The people jews, arabs and christians all claim his offspring.

in addition, the father was once celebrated through the figure of the “Pater familias” of the roman . This head of the family possessed an unquestioned authority on the wife, children, or slaves. And was considered to be the cornerstone of the ancient society. The pattern, moreover, has survived the centuries until our days : for the christians, the fathers were of course members of the clergy. The pope himself is named Holy Father of the catholics.

on The 19th of march, the date of Saint Joseph, has long been the occasion to celebrate fatherhood in the cults, catholics, lutherans or anglicans. In fact, in the Bible, Joseph is the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. He is betrothed to the young woman if she got pregnant by the action of the Holy Spirit. Described as a “wise man”, it accepts the child and raises : it is recognized as a saint in the christian tradition. In Spain, it is even this date is chosen as being that of the feast of the fathers.

Where was organized the first father’s day ?

This is the United States that was born the celebration of the feast of the fathers. The young Sonora Smart Dodd (1882-1978) was the daughter of a veteran of the Civil war, Henry Jackson Smart, a widower for many years. In 1909, she intends to speak about the initiative of Anna Jarvis, designed to introduce a mothers day, in a sermon in a methodist church, Spokane, in the State of Washington. The young woman then demands a celebration of fatherhood, in addition to mother’s day. It even offers the anniversary date of his progenitor, June 5. The pastors of the region seize on the idea, even if they decided to establish the feast on the third Sunday of June : the first fathers day is organized, in Spokane, on June 19, 1910.

If the réenjoyment of Spokane to sink quickly into the anonymity, the idea of father’s day is launched. In the 1920s, u.s. president Calvin Coolidge tries to make it an official festival, but runs contrary to the Congress. The parliamentarians fear that this reminder of the virtues his father’s footsteps to become, the image of the mother’s day, a barnum business. It is necessary to wait until 1966 that president Lyndon Johnson to recognize the ritual in an official proclamation. Six years later, Richard Nixon signs a law which made it a day of national celebration. The Father’s Day is permanently fixed on the third Sunday of June.

father’s day was celebrated for the first time in France in 1952. As amazing as it may seem, it has happened to a manufacturer of a lighter. The company Flaminaire, located in Redon, Brittany, is inspired by the celebration of the american and of the manna generated by the purchases of children and companions. On his posters, we can read : “Our fathers have told us, for the Feast of the fathers, all of them want a Flaminaire”. Very quickly, the companies and the media are picking this pattern, which meets a few weeks later on mothers day.

what are the inspirations of text, a poem and message of father’s day ?