justice, which is reviewing the validity of the non-place enjoyed by Gérald Darmanin, ordered the resumption of investigation of the case. The minister of the public Accounts is now very fragile.

The minister of public Accounts, one of the most active members of the government, could well come out of the short-list of the head of State, that on which are inscribed the names of the “First ministrables”. This Thursday, June 11, the justice has called for a resumption of the investigation regarding charges of rape for which Gérald Darmanin made the object. The investigation was stopped, after the minister has received a non-place, by 2018, but that decision was reconsidered since November 2019 by the court, on request of the Court of cassation. And the judges were of the view that the case should be again reviewed closely.

what are we talking-does it really mean ? Gerard Darmanin is accused of rape by Sophie Spatz, who conjures up facts that date to march 17, 2009. This former call girl, who is now 48 years old, explained to the judicial police, two years ago, be was forced to a sexual relationship with the current minister, in a hotel, after having spent the evening with him in a restaurant and then in a private club. In 2009, Gérald Darmanin was only 26 years old, he was then legal adviser to the UMP. According to the statements of Sophie Spatz, she would have asked the young man to intercede on his behalf to cancel or revise a conviction against it, dated 2004. During this appointment, and according to his version of the facts, the former call girl would have understood that his questioner wished to undertake a sexual intercourse. In her complaint, drafted by her lawyer, in 2017, we can read that Sophie Spatz wished to “push back the fateful moment to the maximum” at the hotel. “Finding that the act was still in the program, Ms. Spatz will tell […] will be projected, in what was to be [his] future life after it has been forgiven,” continues the statement. For the lawyer of the complainant, the consent of his client, has never been established. On August 16, 2018, the investigations had been halted by a judge, after a classification without continuation of the parquet de Paris, of the complaint of Sophie Patterson-Spatz. The reopening of the dossier that should enable the complainant to be heard again.