EXCLUDED. The great barometer on the presidential 2022 of Linternaute measures each month the opinion of the French on the rivals of Emmanuel Macron. This month, a focus is made on broad 2nd round assumptions.

Every month and exclusively for Linternaute.com, the institute for international studies YouGov asks a representative sample of the French population about the upcoming French presidential election. What personalities would do better than Emmanuel Macron as president of the Republic? What are the citizens’ expectations for this campaign? Are Emmanuel Macron’s voters in the second round of 2017 planning to vote for him again? Discover the lessons from the 9th wave of our great monthly barometer of the presidential 2022, conducted from 28 to 29 September 2021.

The 2022 presidential election is approaching. If the campaign has not really started yet and if minds are still very concerned about the health crisis, the main political parties are advancing their pawns, as are some personalities who show an interest in the Elysée. 9 months before the election, our poll shows that the French are more likely to think that Emmanuel Macron will be re-elected. At this point, they clearly believe that no rival would make a better president than him.

RESULTS of the barometer – September will Emmanuel Macron be re-elected in 2022 according to you?

The French, 8 months before the presidential election, are more likely to think that the head of state will be re-elected for a second term than the opposite.

If the poll does not appear, click here Who would make a better president than Emmanuel Macron?

This is the main lesson of our barometer, updated every month: for the eighth consecutive month, no rival of Emmanuel Macron, tipped for a candidacy or already candidate for the 2022 presidential election, would make a better president of the Republic, according to the respondents. 25% of French people think that Marine Le Pen would make a better head of state (25% in August, 27% in July, 25% in June, 28% in May 29% in April, 27% in March), 63% think the opposite (60% in August, 58% in July, 59% in June and April, 57% in March); 25% think that Xavier Bertrand would make a better president (22% in August, 23% in July, 24% in June, 23% in May, 18% in April, 19% in March) 19% of French people think that Jean-Luc Mélenchon would make a better president (15% in July, 16% in June, 17% in May, 19% in April, 20% in March); 19% think that Eric Zemmour would make a better president; 19% of French people think that Valérie Pécresse would make a better president.

If the poll does not appear, click here The French want a new political offer for 2022 and unique candidacies

52% of the French want a “new political current” to emerge for the next presidential election, 56% want to see the emergence of “a new political personality”. If the political landscape was not to be upset until then, the French seem to want the lines to move.

<h3• * A single application on the left?

Thus, 45% of the respondents say they favor a single candidacy on the left in the first round against only 23% who do not want it and 33% who do not know yet. 75% of left-wing supporters want a joint candidacy , 13% do not.

But which political parties should participate in this unique left-wing candidacy? 56% of respondents in favor of a union on the left cite the Socialist Party, 44% cite Europe Ecologie-the Greens, 32% cite France Insoumise, 32% the Communist Party, 23% Labor Struggle (LO), 17% Generation.s, 14% the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA).

<h3• * A single application on the right?

43% of French people want a single right-wing candidacy, 25% are not in favour and 33% say they do not yet know. 62% of right-wing supporters want a joint candidacy.

Among those who are in favor of this right-wing alliance, 55% want to see The Republicans, 27% La République en Marche, 24% le MoDem, 28% l’Union des démocratiques et indépendants (UDI). 25% cite the Rassemblement national, 24% the Union populaire républicaine (UPR), 18% Debout la France, 13% Les Patriotes.

What will the voters of the second round of the 2017 presidential election do in 2022?

Our poll also looks at the choice that voters who voted Emmanuel Macron in the second round in 2017 will make, and those who chose Marine Le Pen. The voters of the winner of the 2nd round are many to want to turn away from Emmanuel Macron, while the electoral base of Marine Le Pen seems more mobilized. But the head of state manages to convince his supporters, while the dynamics are negative for the boss of the RN. Recall that Emmanuel Macron had collected more than 66% of the vote and Marine Le Pen less than 34% in 20217.

• What will those who voted Emmanuel Macron do?

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• What will those who voted Marine Le Pen do?

If the survey is not displayed, click here A pronounced disengagement from politics

Another lesson from our barometer confirms citizens’ distrust and sometimes discouragement from politics. More than one in two French people feel “disengaged from politics” (53%).

The most important topics in the eyes of the French

If the first round of the presidential election had taken place in September 2021, the six topics that would be most relevant when voting s