BERTRAND. Xavier Bertrand is convinced to be the best candidate of the right for this presidential election. But he will have to bow to an internal vote in LR, at a time when the polls give him behind Macron, Le Pen and Zemmour.

Summary Bertrand presidential candidate 2022 Latest poll Program and ideas of Xavier Bertrand Political party of Xavier Bertrand Bertrand and the primary of the right Results of polls for the presidential Short biography of Xavier Bertrand The essential Xavier Bertrand is a candidate for the presidential 2022 since July 2021, but the former minister of Health wants to go beyond the vote of activists planned at the LR Congress next December. His rivals Michel Barnier and Valérie Pécresse expressly asked him to “bend to the rules of the game”. According to the latest polls, the president of the Hauts-de-France region appears to be the best placed to represent the right ahead of Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier. But poll studies are not very flattering: credited with around 15% of voting intentions for months, he has not created any campaign dynamics around him, no poll has given him the ability to qualify in the 2nd round, he was even given behind Macron, Le Pen and Zemmour by a Harris Interactive poll for Challenges on October 6. Live Receive our live alerts! Last poll: Xavier Bertrand credited with 13% of voting intentions

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October 6 campaign column . The latest poll, conducted by Harris Interactive for Challenges and published on October 6, credits Xavier Bertrand with 13% of voting intentions. The candidate of the right fails to create campaign dynamics on his name, unlike Eric Zemmour, who begins to establish himself as a serious candidate within the nationalist and sovereignist right. The president of Hauts-de-France, however, regularly cites polls to assert that he is best placed on the right to wear the colors of his camp, judging “decisive” the “pocket handkerchief” that distinguishes him from Valérie Pécresse given a point or two behind.

Xavier Bertrand hoped that the polls could convince his rivals on the right to get behind him and convince the party apparatus Les Républicains not to organize an internal vote of activists. But it is clear that the one who presents himself as “3rd man” of this presidential has not succeeded in imposing his candidacy. No poll has so far given him the ability to qualify for the 2nd round of the election. He will have to comply with the rules of the LR congress on December 4 if he wants the inauguration of his political family for this presidential election 2022. 

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Xavier Bertrand’s candidacy for the 2022 presidential election is long planned. As early as August 2020, he entrusted Corse Matin with “preparing” for the election deadline. It was finally on July 6, 2021 that he made it official to appear before voters, in an interview on TF1, adding that he would refuse to participate in a primary of the right (read below). While the party finally validated the organization of a closed congress, Xavier Bertrand could submit to it in order to obtain the nomination. But Xavier Bertrand’s will is clear: “He would like us to vote on only one name at the congress,” slipped an LR executive to Le Parisien. The 56-year-old elected official is dreaming of a scenario similar to 2006 when only Nicolas Sarkozy was a candidate in the first primary, closed, of the UMP. However, the polls do not augur him the leadership hoped for, the mission promises to be all the more complicated because he, according to studies, neck-and-neck with Eric Zemmour and Valérie Pécresse refuses to get behind him. The Republicans remain the only major party not to have its figure designated for the April 2022 appointment.

Xavier Bertrand’s program and ideas

If he is elected to the Elysée, Xavier Bertrand assures that it will only be for a single five-year term. “I’m running for a five-year term and that’s it. What you do not launch in the first 18 months, you never launch it,” he announced in Marseille at the beginning of September, during a trip mentioned by CNews. And among the major projects, the acceleration of decentralization, calling itself the carrier of a “Republic of territories”. It wants, among other things, to set up a single territorial councilor, merging the positions of departmental and regional councilors. 

A major focus of his campaign, security is a theme dear to Xavier Bertrand. In this area, he proposes, like the Relais Le Point, the creation of 20,000 prison places, lowering the penal majority to 15 years or reinstating short prison sentences and assures that he wants to “systematically” expel foreign offenders at the end of their sentence. And to propose that criminal fines “be seized directly from wages or, where appropriate, from certain social benefits, such as the RSA”.

A supporter of local referendums, he also pledged, in an interview in Paris Normandie, that “there will be no more class closures in rural areas”.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Thursday, September 30, and in an interview given to France 2 that same day, in the “20h22”, Xavier Bertrand mentioned the decline in the purchasing power of the French. To remedy this, the President of Hauts-de-France proposes “three dice