As of this Monday, December 19, the German automobile manufacturer Porsche will replace the textile firm Puma in the DAX, the German selective equivalent to the Spanish Ibex 35.

In this way, the automobile company, part of the Volkswagen group, will accompany its parent company in the German selective, which brings together the main 40 companies in the country, less than three months after its debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which had place on September 29.

Porsche reaches the DAX through the “fast entry” process, due to the capitalization of its ‘free float’. The vice president of the board and member of the board of directors responsible for Finance and Technology of Porsche, Lutz Meschke, expressed his satisfaction in a statement on December 6, when the company’s entry into the German selective was announced.

“Our fast entry into the DAX underscores two things. One, our business model is robust and attractive to investors even in a challenging scenario, and two, our definition of modern luxury is compelling, focusing on sustainability and embracing social responsibility.” he added.

Porsche shares have appreciated 13.5% since the firm’s IPO and were trading at 93.64 euros at the close of last Friday, December 16.

In connection with Porsche’s IPO, Volkswagen shareholders approved on Friday of this week a special dividend of 19.06 euros for each ordinary and preferred share corresponding to a ‘pay out’ of 49% of the total gross income generated. for the public sale offer (OPV) of Porsche shares.

The distribution of this special dividend among the shareholders will take place from January 9, 2023.