Is there a direct path from Quebec nationalism to Quebec sovereignty? If we are to believe political analysts these days, it seems more and more obvious.

I do not want to slap my suspenders, but I made this observation in February 2019, barely four months after the election of François Legault, to the loud cries of my detractors.

Have them wear out

Obviously, there is no meeting where the separatist apparatchiks foment a secession loud and clear, but let’s laugh a little.

“If we can’t convince Quebeckers that independence is an exciting project, a futuristic vision and a dream of society, we’ll wear them out!” »

“The famous winning conditions will never come by themselves, we will provoke them. How ? The same way we boil frogs: little by little, over very low heat. »

“If we cause enough bickering, no one will want to play with us anymore, we’ll just have to say that it’s us who don’t want to play anymore! »

The torture of the drop

By choosing identity nationalism as a political niche, François Legault is playing big. It is obviously no coincidence that he nags the federal government on all irritating subjects.

Like a mosquito, it spins, comes back, buzzes and torments Ottawa in the hope that we will eventually raise a hand to crush it.

Like a glued record, he keeps coming back to replay this piece of “them others” against “us others”, smiling, knowing full well that one day or another his enemy will crack.

Then he will have two choices, and that is where he risks perishing by his own sword.

A new beautiful risk of renewed federalism would amount to bringing him to his knees before Ottawa, which he reproached so much to Philippe Couillard.

A referendum could again end in a NO.

Never two without three !