To renew or not to renew – that is the big question when it comes to my Amazon Prime subscription. I’ve been a member for over a decade now, and the $139 annual fee always gives me pause. But is it still worth it? Let’s break it down.

First off, the free two-day shipping is still a huge perk for me. While other retailers are catching up, the convenience of getting my orders quickly and without having to meet a minimum threshold is a big plus. Plus, I love the option to choose slower shipping in exchange for digital credits – it’s a nice little bonus that adds value to the membership.

Returns are also a breeze with Amazon Prime. I rarely need to send things back, but when I do, the process is smooth and easy. Just drop off the item at a UPS store or Whole Foods – no printing labels or packaging required.

As for Prime Video, it’s not my go-to streaming service, but I do use it enough to justify the extra $2.99 per month to avoid ads. And as a sports fan, having access to exclusive games is a nice bonus.

The unlimited photo storage is another benefit that I often overlook. With a decade’s worth of memories stored in the cloud, it’s nice to not have to worry about running out of space.

However, there are some perks that I don’t take advantage of. I already have a Spotify subscription, so Amazon Music goes unused. I don’t shop at Whole Foods, so the exclusive deals don’t interest me. And while Prime Day is hyped up as a big shopping event, I usually find the deals underwhelming.

Despite these unused perks, I still feel like I get enough value out of my Amazon Prime membership to justify the annual fee. I’ll be renewing for another year, but I’ll be keeping a closer eye on how often I use the various benefits to ensure that I’m getting my money’s worth.

In the end, Amazon Prime is still a valuable service for me, providing convenience, entertainment, and storage solutions that make my life easier. Whether or not it’s worth it for you depends on your individual needs and usage habits, but for now, I’m sticking with it.